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This week, it's a great Irish party with U2 as a musical guest, but the Most important is that we receive Saoirse Ronan as hostess, and boys … she will have a YEAR. A beloved critique for films like Brooklyn and Atonement Ronan is finally gaining strength for widespread success Lady Bird . And while doing all that, he is teaching us to pronounce words when they have three vowels in a row. A true saint among the Hollywood elite.

The monologue can be super rough in the hands of the wrong person. But resorting to what could be his only trap en route to the awards season, Saoirse addresses how you say his name. She sings a song that helps solve all those vowels, but Kate McKinnon appears to say: "Honey, the song is not as useful as you think it is." It is perfectly charming.

Cold Open

It's a Christmas Miracle! The open cold is a perfectly painful sum of what has been happening this week in the news. The approved tax bill. Trump is retweeting anti-Muslim videos. Kellyanne Conway got so drunk at the Christmas party that she is telling the truth! And although it's always good to have Alec Baldwin as Trump, the Christmas gift he keeps giving is the list of characters in rotation. He is visited by ghosts from his past, since his past is catching up with him real hard: Beck Bennett as Putin, Mikey Day as Michael Flynn, Alex Moffat as Billy Bush, and Kate's return McKinnon as Hillary Clinton. Also, a big cry to the always underestimated Cecily Strong as Melania Trump, who flashed with quick comments that Mother Pence does not allow Mike to play with dolls because he "fears that he will win" and that FLOTUS decorates "with brown trees". [19659020] Weekend update

Colin Jost is ahead of the tax plan early Saturday and saying that Trump could take a long time to sign it because Michael Flynn's situation is super bad. And, of course, the news that drives all this information is the Twitter accounts of Donald Trump, Fox News and James Comey (to the book of Amos, which is never cited). But in a quick explanation of the tax code, it is Michael Che who steals the program with the phrase: "Of course, that money will eventually spill, from rich people to their children, and then rich kids to their molly dealers in Coachella."

And then, in a world loaded with North Korea that has the ability to attack the United States and the president accusing a television program of murders (which is the bottom line because this is our reality now), There is a complete segment dedicated to those who have become the badual predators of this week. The segment presents a scream to Ann Curry and her contentious relationship with the coache Today Matt Lauer: "On Wednesday, Rockefeller's Christmas tree was on and Ann Curry too."

Kate McKinnon appears as British Prime Minister Theresa May, and is absolutely wonderful because she plunges into the hilarious dichotomy between knocking down the president and the admirable decorum by which the British are known. The month of May McKinnon is hilariously off, even though it did not sound like Theresa, but if we hit the line "The b-theged theresa Theresa wrong", it was worth it. We also get a return of the Duncans, the couple who try every badual position in the Kama Sutra (played by Leslie Jones and Mikey Day).

Best sketch: & # 39; Welcome to hell & # 39;

In a world of Katy Perry, caramel color, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Saoirse Ronan in front of the music video "Welcome to Hell", which illustrates that everything This pile of male predators is really anything but a trend. It is a worrying problem REAL and has been happening for while . Like … throughout the whole story. And while our "heroes" may be ruining themselves, the women of SNL swing on swings and clouds to explain that the problem is bigger than getting lost in House of Cards .

The slow burn that's worth it: & # 39; The Race & # 39;

This is one of those rare parodies in which you like it or not. But in this bizarre turn of the 80s in an office drama, Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett play two rivals who are in constant competition for being the first to take documents for their boss. Is it translated on paper? Absolutely not. It's all about the aesthetics of the big hair, the office humor, the false gremlin and SPOILER: the surprise turn that the Lindsay of Saoirse Ronan is a ghost all the time.

The Slow Burn That & # 39; s Maybe Not: & # 39; Late for Clbad & # 39; s

Luke Null has his moment as a bully in the clbadroom that enters, hits a girl and then calls her a bad. He makes his rounds through the clbad as disrespectful as possible, and it's a lot to pbad, but this is the point: everything is for a reason. Null's bully, Brody Chode, just wanted to get in and take a dip with the clbad, but it's a lesson in being kind. Works? Maybe not. Does it serve as a great introduction to Luke Null? Of course, why not.

Aidy Bryant's thanksgiving: & # 39; Return Counter & # 39;

This K-Mart customer service counter that places Mikey Day in front and center is a deviation from most SNL satires because it depends (almost ALL) of the cast be fast, fun and smart with just a couple of lines. We have a couple of fights, a woman trying to go viral, and Kate McKinnon in a Hoveround, but it's really Aidy Bryant and her diarrhea that take the cake. The change of pace is nice because it is a testament to how talented the cast is.

Worst sketch: & # 39; Bachelor Auction & # 39;

This whole sketch revolves around a bachelor named Chad, played by Pete Davidson. The fact is that Chad is horrible. He vapes. It makes bad dances and bad impressions, and it is all what the women in the audience want. It becomes a series of rich women trying to outdo each other to take Chad home at night, and once the offers reach $ 1 million, the extravagant character of Kenan Thompson intervenes and offers $ 10 million. Then John McEnroe appears and nobody wants to make an offer. Is it strange that it really is … John McEnroe who stole the show?

Better use of accent and Host dogs: & # 39; Aer Lingus & # 39;

Usually, by the time the program comes to an end, it's as if the weakest material has just been ejected, but "Aer Lingus" has its weight. Focusing on a couple of Aer Lingus flight attendants, there is not much plot, but hey: use the magnificent Saoirse Ronan accent and a lot of dogs that apparently belong to the captain. Also, there is a lowbrow potato joke, and that's all we can ask for.

The best of U2: & # 39; Get Out of Your Way & # 39;

Sure, his first performance of the night may have been more striking, but when Bono and company simply sing a good song with that characteristic rhythm of U2 that follows them like a shadow, It is a solid reminder of why the band has existed and prospered as much as it has. And for this Irish showdown, there's not much you could have done wrong.

MVP: Cecily Strong

It's easy to fall into oblivion with the great characters of Kate McKinnon and an ever-growing cast that focuses so much on politics, but Cecily Strong is a true Saturday Night Live presenter. She played perfectly next to Ronan in "Aer Lingus", gave us a hilariously shocking Melania Trump in the open cold, and offered a good laugh in every parody of which she was a part. And she almost breaks the character in "Aer Lingus", which is always a delight to watch, because she is usually one of the most composed.

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