‘Saturday Night Live’ cold-open riffs on vaccine confusion with Anthony Fauci-hosted game show

UPDATED with video: Saturday night live opened tonight with a game show hosted by Anthony Fauci, So you think you can get the vaccine, a riff on the confusion about who can get vaccinated now and who can’t.

With Kate McKinnon returning as Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, the skit provided an opportunity for the show to also do some satirical digs about three Democratic governors facing political turmoil – the game show judges are Gavin Newsom. (Alex Moffatt), Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) and Gretchen Whitmer (Cecily Strong).

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“He’s hated by everyone in California except the 10 people he dined with in Napa that time,” Fauci says while introducing the governor of the golden state.

“What can I say. I love dinner,” Newsom says.

Then to Cuomo, who was duped last week. Since then, however, he has been accused of sexual harassment by two women, although he denied the allegations.

McKinnon’s Fauci introduces him with this: “He’s currently under fire for picking on dead people and also for the kind of sexual harassment allegations that make him you, yes, I can see that.”

“Hello, good bodies, some of you,” says Cuomo. “I know. I know. I’m back in the fucking doghouse. Remember when your favorite movie was my PowerPoints? Remember, ‘Today is Tuesday!’ Why can’t we go back to that?

Then to Whitmer, introduced as someone who “narrowly escaped being abducted by a group of men whose fingerprints probably have Cheetos dust on them.”

Whitmer says: “It is an honor to be here with my fellow governors. People yell at them about their policies and yell at me, ‘Catch her!’ But that’s life. “

Contestants have to show why they qualified to receive a vaccine, arguing why they were “essential.” As Fauci points out, an “essential” worker can differ in each state. In California, it’s “the police, the hospital staff, the neuropathic, and the psychics,” Newsom says. In Michigan, they are “fishermen, truckers, trappers and homeless,” says Whitmer. In New York there are “tough, wise, rich and good guys,” says Cuomo.

The first contestant is a woman from Michigan.

“Nice to see a fellow from Michigan,” says Whitmer.

“In fact, I voted for you,” says the woman.

“That’s good,” says the governor.

“I voted to kidnap you, but still,” the woman replies.

The woman believes that she is an essential worker and that she should get vaccinated, because she does it for the website “OnlyFans, so am occupied.”

“Do you have any pre-existing conditions?” Whitmer asks.

“I have a really bad attitude. I am allergic to dust and I don’t know if this is something, but I have herpes ”, says the woman.

Nix on it.

Fauci offers consolation prizes, like a Pfizer visor, and “if you don’t get vaccinated, you can take home Maxine, the moody middle-aged woman from the Hallmark billboards.

Other contestants are a fake grandmother, a pregnant woman, and a cigarette smoker from New Jersey. None qualify. Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) tries too, in a mockery of the real Texas senator’s attempt to get humorous at this week’s CPAC.

“Oh, it’s great to be back in New York City. I’m sorry my arms are tired because I just flew back from Cancun, Mexico, “says Cruz, ending with his CPAC shout,” FREEDOM! ”.

Ultimately, the show gets down to the last contestant: Seymour Foreman, 85, who actually qualifies for the vaccine.

“Do I get it here or behind the scenes?” he asks.

“Oh no, you can’t get it here, you have to make an appointment online,” Cuomo tells her.

“In what, how do I do that?” asks the old man. State and local websites for immunization records have been confusing and blocked.

The show gets one final go-ahead from the governor of New York, as Cuomo assures the elder: “If you feel sick, make sure you get to the nursing home and the hospital. Wink.”

The opening was much more focused than in recent weeks, and the best lines may have been on the game show sponsor CVS. As Fauci says, “Come to the show. Go with a lollipop from two Halloweens ago. “

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