Satechi Quatro Wireless Power Bank Review: Expensive but Functional

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Keeping a small backup battery in your bag is not bad for dead smartphone emergencies, but Sachchi’s new quattro Its a big bit to carry every day. As a travel accessory, though, it can easily replace a rat’s nest charging cable and wall warts if you’re an iPhone user with an Apple Watch on your wrist, and AirPods in your pocket. .

As power banks go, Satechi’s Quattro is neither the cheapest nor the smallest 10,000 mAh portable charger you can buy. You can get a more compact 10,000 mAh battery Anchor for just $ 20 These days, then why spend more than $ 80 for a massive footprint solution for Satechi? Ironically, convenience.

So far as Anchor’s $ 20 solution has only one USB-C and USB-A port, Satechi’s Quattro includes both Plus A wireless charging pad that works with any Qi-compatible device, and a magnetic Apple Watch charger because, for whatever reason, the Apple Watch doesn’t play by all the Qi standard’s rules. From my testing Quattro can charge up to four devices, including one laptop at a time — very, very slowly — so you’ll need to be strategic about which approach you’ll use to charge your various devices: wired wireless .


A rounded design and a polished frame are reminiscent of previous generation designs Iphone.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

Declared before iphone 12 line was Officially revealed, The Satechi Quatro features a design reminiscent of the previous generation of iPhones, with a shiny round frame that is eager to collect fingerprints, and is relatively easy to make because it is made of plastic, not metal. Perhaps the choice of material helps to lighten the already available accessory, and it is doubtful that someone who takes care of their smartphone monitors their portable charger, which is all scratched.


Quattro’s wireless charging pad has to be turned on by double-tapping this button. When a device is plugged in, the USB port starts charging automatically
Photo: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

On one side you will find a button that activates the Quattro’s battery meter to check how much charge is left on the power bank, but is also used to turn on the wireless charging functionality. Whenever a device is plugged in, charging starts automatically Quattro’s USB ports, but the Qi and Apple Watch charging pads only work when this button is double-pressed. Double-pressing it turns off wireless charging again, or it will automatically shut down after one hour without drawing the device wirelessly.


Four LEDs are used to indicate Quattro’s remaining charge level, but a more accurate readout would be nice for $ 100.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

Four LEDs that light up in sequence are used to indicate Quattro’s remaining charge level, but for $ 100 I would have preferred something with slightly higher accuracy, such as the smaller OLED display power bank’s remaining charge. Give exact percentage. A fifth LED turns on and the Quattro turns blue when wireless charging is turned on, and turns orange when an device is actually charging.

As convenient as wireless charging is, Satechi’s Quattro isn’t exactly the speed demon in that department. Its Qi pad is just 5-watt power. By comparison, if you bought a new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charger 15-watt saves electricity, while Satechi sells itself Wireless charging pad That pumps as much as 10-watts for some devices. The more watts you can deliver to a device the faster, so if you’re pressed for time, you’ll actually be better off connecting a smartphone or tablet to the Quattro’s USB-C PD (power delivery) port that delivers. Can 18 watts.

Depending on the model, the power bank’s USB-C port can charge a dead iPhone about 50% of battery life in just 30 minutes, and depending on the approach you use, it receives two or three full smartphone charges. Can hope to do. Wireless charging still produces excess heat, which is essentially wasted power. As convenient as the Qi pad is, you’ll always be better off using a USB cable.


Properly aligning a smartphone to the Quattro’s wireless charging coil may take some effort right.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

Like unlike wireless charging pads Zens liberty Uses an array of coils so that you can drop a device almost anywhere on its surface and know that it will start charging, the Quattro has a very specific sweet spot that is usually used to hold your smartphone properly Some minor replacements are required to align and charge. This is not a problem with the Apple Watch, however, because the very specific design of that charge pad always uses magnets to perfectly align the smartwatch. A future version of Quatro that incorporates Apple’s new MagSafe design to achieve the same auto-align functionality would be a very welcome upgrade here.


A subtle curve on the Quattro’s wireless charging pad means that naked smartphones with smooth back panels rotate easily when colliding, potentially misleading the charging coil.
Photo: Andrew Liszewski / Gizmodo

Allotment challenges also do not help with the very subtle curves on the surface of the Quattro’s wireless charging pad. An iPhone wrapped in silicon case is placed, but a naked iPhone 8, with its very smooth glass back, easily rotates if it collides, sometimes misjudging the charging coil. The Quattro surface has a slightly rubberized finish, but does not make enough contact with the naked iPhone to hold it in place. Is this a deal? No, because you all should be Using a case Anyway with your smartphone.

When you break its features one by one, the Satechi looks like a hard cell. Its wireless charging pad is relatively slow, it’s the only smartwatch that can wirelessly charge the Apple Watch, a device can be aligned with its charging coil, and it costs a lot to pay $ 100 for 100mAh power is more. Still wi(Up to four devices can be charged at one time (or three plus Quattro when it is plugged into an outlet) making it a compelling alternative to a multi-port wall charger if you travel a lot Because you can top up multiple devices at once, scrambling to find available power outlets. I amf You are a dedicated Apple user, Quattro as a whole is an attractive way to keep battery life at bay.


  • It is not cheap. For $ 100 you can actually buy five 10,000 mAh power banks from the competition.
  • Quattro can only charge the Apple Watch wirelessly. Other smartwatches will require you to plug in one of the USB ports of the power bank into your proprietary charging adapter.
  • Wireless pumps only 5-watt power, which is slower than other wireless charging pads, including Apple’s new MagSafe.
  • The USB-C PD port pumps 18-watt power, which is a better option for quickly charging phones or wireless earbuds. It can also be used to charge large electronics such as laptops, unless you are in a hurry.
  • While aligning your smartphone with Quattro’s hidden charging coil can be challenging, some sort of graphical alignment goal would have helped. And if you’re using a naked smartphone with a smooth glass back, the subtle curve of the Quattro’s wireless charging pad means your device will spin easily, possibly accidentally misaligning the charging coil.


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