Sasha Banks wants the world to know that she doesn’t tap on payback

We’ve all been fooled before, but all indications point to WWE slowly recreating the Sasha Banks / Belle feud that changed the game in 2015.

The latest phase took place last night (30 August) Payback When the two dropped the women’s tag team titles to Shayna Bezler and Nia Jax. Sasha was involved in that (spectacular) finish that saw her lose the final of her #TwoBeltz, but it was Bailey who technically presented Bassler.

This is a point the boss wants to make very clear today…

The Still-SmackDown Women’s Champion responded, but she seems to have run away from the arguments outlined in this video:

How the Golden Role Models reappeared as former WWE Women’s Tag Champs cannot be seen more than Bailey Yoon Strap. Take a look who was responsible for the decision in all the title bouts of the besties second reign …

  • Sasha pinned Nikki Cross on June 5 smack down To win the title
  • Sasha retains the title by rolling out Alexa Bliss reaction
  • Sasha tapped Schottzy Blackheart with a Banks statement to retain the title on June 17 at NXT
  • Sasha tapped Patton Royce with the Banks statement to retain the title on June 22 raw
  • Sasha tapes Carey Sen with Banks statement to retain title on July 13 raw

Their brief first run was not one-sided (Banks tapped Sonya Devil to become the first Chamber in the Elimination Chamber; Bayley pinned Jackson at Fastlane), but the team member did not get Sasha pinned by Royce. On WrestleMania 35.

Double Fiction.

We’ll see if this prevents Belle from running her mouth about Banks’ inability to defend the Raw Women’s title. Somehow, I have my doubts.

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