SA’s Adriana Marais on shifting to Mars and by no means coming again [video]


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It may sound like one thing out of a film, however this South African lady is able to go away Earth and inhabit one other planet…eternally.

Aspiring Martian and Theoretical physicist doing badysis within the discipline of quantum biology, Dr. Adriana Marais is patiently ready for her one-way ticket out of right here – actually it’s what motivates her to stand up within the morning.

The Mars One Project was introduced in 2012 by Mars One, a personal non-profit organisation with plans to determine a everlasting human colony on Mars by 2025. Adriana is without doubt one of the 100 remaining candidates chosen to be aside of this historic initiative.

On the Mars One Community platform, Adriana lists her causes for deciding to affix this venture. “My research interests have led me to the famous question, “What is Life?”. Showing that life is sustainable on Mars, or moreover discovering proof of life on Mars, could be some of the essential potential discoveries for humanity- an enormous leap by way of understanding who we’re, the place we come from and what the long run might maintain. The Mars One Project, some of the formidable initiatives ever proposed, makes this dream realisable.”

Recently, Adriana appeared on a brand new net collection celebrating outstanding South Africans referred to as Blue Couch Sessions (created by SA tech pioneer wiGroup), to voice her motivation behind her resolution to go to Mars and by no means come again.

“I imagine what’s most essential throughout this quick time we have now on Earth, is to symbolize an concept that’s higher than simply your lifetime. While there’s solely a small group of individuals set to embark on the primary manned mission to Mars, its success is one thing by which all of humanity will share.

“I have a firm belief that you can achieve anything you want to you. Nelson Mandela said ‘it always seems impossible until it’s done,’ and this is something I really live by.”

She says it is rather troublesome to record the factors required of the primary Martian settlers as a result of no person has settled on Mars earlier than. About the challenges, she says the touchdown is essentially the most harmful.

“Lift off may be achieved, then you have the 7 month journey and then you have the landing to worry about. And then of course, the daily survival. So all of these are risky, and have never been done before, but I think if more people work together to achieve this goal, the more achievable it becomes.”

You can watch the complete interview with Adriana on Blue Couch Sessions over right here:

Visit wiGroup’s web site for extra particulars about Blue Couch Sessions and how one can nominate a outstanding South African to be interviewed subsequent!

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