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Sarah Sanders Flips Roy Moore Question

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5:02 PM 05/12/2017

When Sarah Sanders took the podium in the meeting room of the White House on Tuesday, she was probably ready for a lot of questions about Roy Moore.

It took President Trump several weeks to officially endorse the controversial Alabama Senate candidate. Moore has faced a series of accusations of sexual misconduct during his candidacy. However, Moore is now back at the polls and the White House and the RNC are supporting his candidacy.

Yesterday, in a phone call, Trump told Moore "Go find them, Roy."

Sanders was asked at least half a dozen questions about Moore during the briefing, but one question asked whether Moore, who is "Accused of sexually abusing a teen" was a preferable senatorial candidate for a " democrat".

The reporter asked:

You said the president would want someone in the Senate to support his agenda instead of something he does not. I want to clarify. Is it the position of the White House that it is worse to have a Democrat in that seat in the Senate than someone accused of sexually abusing a teenager?

Sanders said "We find that the accusations are disturbing …" before being interrupted by the reporter and asked again: "Why did the president approve it?"

"[Trump] wants people to support his agenda," Sanders said, "obviously he will not support a Democrat." Then Sanders leveled both barrels in Congress. with respect to sexual misconduct. She said:

"I think if that is our standard, then we have to look at a number of members of Congress who have filed complaints against them who are still in office."

Sanders was referring to the growing stream of accusations of sexual misconduct against members of Congress in session. At least six members of both parties, the House of Representatives and the Senate, have several complaints of sexual misconduct in recent weeks.

Michigan Democratic congressman John Conyers resigned this morning.

See the following exchange:

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