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I love it! & # 39; Saturday Night Live & # 39; He pointed to all the men who were discovered as badual predators in recent months with a dream music video. Check it here!

Just when we thought they could no longer surprise us, Saturday Night Live impressed us with their biting false music by calling Kevin Spaceys and Roy Moore is from the world ! The clip begins with the host Saoirse Ronan 23, Kate McKinnon Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong resting in a bright and colorful world. They jokingly mention how crazy the last few months have been about the badual predators that were discovered, at least for men. "And it's like 'Dang', is this the world now?" Ask Aidy? "Here is a little secret that all girls know," adds Saoirse. Cecily says: "Oh, it was the damn world!" That is when they enter an absolutely incredible situation. Check out tons of images from season 43 of the NBC full-length comedy show here!

Some lyrics include: "Welcome to hell, now we're all here, look around, is not it cute, it's a complete nightmare." So good! If you have been tuning in, you know that this is part of the course in a season that has become an occasion when it comes to criticizing and parodying polarizing current events. They have not refused to mock the serious news, such as the investigation to determine if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia when trying to be elected in 2016.

On November 18, the opening draft took some photos in Donald Trump & # 39; s, 71, older children Don Jr. and Eric . The sketch portrayed them, played by Mikey Day and Alex Moffat directing a secret meeting with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange ( Kate McKinnon ) to get dirty ] Hillary Clinton . But the meeting was riddled with funny interruptions by Eric and his imbecile pranks!

And let's not forget when the Update Weekend team criticized the questionable tax plan of the Senate Republicans on November 19. "The Republicans claim that the tax lowers taxes for everyone, from billionaires to old millionaires, like Colin!" Michael Che declares, mocking his co-host Colin Jost . "The bill is based largely on the trickle economy, but do not worry, it's just called 'trickle' – you're actually being sprayed with a hose! Why poor people are still cataloged as a Republican voter? It's like watching Forrest Gump being defeated by Jenny again and again. "Wow!

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