Santa Clara leads Bay Area’s deadliest day

Friday was its deadliest day in the pandemic in the Bay Area, with 34 new COVID-19 fatalities reported, a number that leads to double-digit deaths in the Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

The new deaths break the record for the most reported deaths in the nine-county Bay Area, Santa Cruz County, by 1,278, and in a day when more than 30 people died in counties a week earlier. On September 3, according to data compiled by this news organization. 34 deaths include 16 deaths recorded in Alameda County, third in that county, and 13 most deaths in Santa Clara County.

Statewide, California reported 172 COVID-19 deaths on Friday, with 43 followed by Los Angeles County, followed by 15 deaths in Alameda County, then Kern County. Then there were the counties of Santa Clara, Orange and Fresno.

The state also reported 4,245 new cases, then led by Los Angeles with 1,042 cases, Sacramento County with 394 and San Diego County with 361. This was followed by Santa Clara, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. There have been a total of 755,554 cases and 14,261 deaths in California.

The number of daily deaths in the state is higher than Thursday’s seven-day average of 85 daily deaths, an average that is gradually decreasing from the peak of 145 August.

The number of new cases was also slightly higher than the seven-day average of 3,594 daily. This is below the recent peak of 9,154 daily cases on 16 August.

Case and death data are based on when new numbers are reported in each county, not necessarily when those infections or fatal events occur.

Statewide trends show that California has almost completely overtaken a wave of infections that began in June after government officials lifted lockdown orders and allowed more commercial and social activities to resume . The statewide test positivity rate is a seven-day average of 3.7 percent, lower than the 14-day average of 4 percent.

Hospitalizations for coronovirus patients declined by 4.4 percent from the previous day on Thursday. This is the lowest number of hospitalized patients in the state since 14 June. Most of the hospitalized patients are in Southern California, led by Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange counties.

The number of patients in intensive care unit beds with COVID-19 was also down to 1.623 from the previous day. This is the least pre-summer survey of 1,053 ICU patients on June 16, and is the lowest number of ICU patients in the state since April 3.

Since the onset of the epidemic, Santa Clara County reported 289 new cases on Friday, with a total of 19,143 cases and 276 deaths in the county.

The spike comes just days after the county moved from purple to red in the state’s new risk level system. Red indicates substantial prevalence, for counties with daily new case rates between 4 and 7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Before Friday, the county had an average of seven cases of 6.3 cases per 100,000 residents.

Alameda County, which is the most restrictive purple tier indicating the virus, reported 108 new cases, with 16 deaths for 19,819 cases and 320 deaths widely. There were 92 new cases in Contra Costa County and one death and 189 deaths in a total of 15,058 cases.

San Mateo County reported 71 cases and three deaths, for a total of 8,966 cases and 139 deaths. San Francisco, which is in the Red Tier, reported a total of 10,188 cases and 89 deaths for 68 cases and one death.

Update: The number of reported cases and deaths on Friday in California has been updated in this story which excludes data originally from some counties.

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