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Santa made a visit to downtown Missoula on the Saturday before the Annual Parade of Lights, where hundreds of children and their parents lined up to have the opportunity to convince San Nick that they had been good the year before.

The old Florence Hotel The lobby was decorated with a 30-foot Christmas tree, Mrs. Claus and an orchestra of promising guitarists from the Childbloom Guitar Program.

Some young people were excited about the opportunity to ask for that gift they have been dreaming of, such as eight-year-old Autumn Miller, who ordered the American Girl Doll ice cream truck she had been waiting for for the past month.

Queen Wolfe, 2 years old, was a little more skeptical about the red suit and the big white beard, and she could not help but cry while she was in her lap.

From the second floor of the Florence lobby, Nathan Zavalney directed a set of around 30 clbadic guitarists from Childbloom Guitar. The children who composed the group were between 5 and 12 years old, and carols chosen with their fingers while exchanging between them to have the opportunity to talk with Santa.

On the other side of the river, children and adults zig- dived between the shelves of clothing at Betty's Divine for the chance to take a picture with a different Christmas hero. Jethro, the infamous orange cat in the store, was frowning in a red and green checkered chair as people crowded around him to take a picture with "Jolly Ol & # 39; Jethro."

Quinn and Macy McQuilkin, 16 and 12 on a Polaroid for donations of $ 1 to the Humane Society of Western Montana. They were also generous in feeding Jethro with lots of goodies to keep him sedated for the crowd of people who expected to see him.

Other Christmas-themed events took place in the city center in celebration of the annual parade of the 15 lights. The horse-drawn carriages of Paws Up led people to stroll through the center, and a number of companies organized parties to make ornaments.

The afternoon parade went on Higgins Avenue to the XXXX reds for the lighting of the Downtown Holiday Tree. Bonfires and free hot cocoa kept the audience warm as the choir of the Christian Life Center sang Christmas carols at Circle Square.

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