Sanofi to acquire Kymab, adding KY1005 to its pipeline, a human monoclonal antibody targeting the major immune system regulator OX40L

Sanofi to acquire Kymab, adding KY1005 to its pipeline, a human monoclonal antibody targeting the major immune system regulator OX40L

* Sanofi continues to build in key presence in alliance with strategy to pursue best-in-class treatments in defined areas

Paris and Cambridge, UK – 11 January 2021 – Sanofi and Kymab, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing fully human monoclonal antibodies with a focus on immune-mediated diseases and immuno-oncology therapy, acquired Sanofi Kymab for about $ 1.1 billion under the agreement. And to pay the premium. Up to $ 350 million on achievement of certain milestones.

The deal would result in Sanofi gaining full global authority over KY1005, a fully human monoclonal antibody with a novel mechanism of action. KY1005 binds to OX40-Ligand and has the potential to treat a variety of immune-mediated diseases and inflammatory disorders.

“The Kymab acquisition adds KY1005 to our dynamic pipeline, which is a potential first class treatment for a range of immune and inflammatory diseases. Novel mechanisms of action may provide treatment with available therapies with therapeutic responses, ” Said Paul Hudson, Sanofi’s chief executive officer. “We understand from our ongoing work in weakening immunological diseases how important it is to find the right treatment for every patient. We look forward to rapidly developing this investigational drug. “

Agreement is a testament The commitment, drive and expertise of the entire Kymab team and we are delighted in order to obtain this Support from Sanofi, ” Jodi Simon Sturge, Chief Executive Officer, Kaymab. “Together its Important Global Resources, W.I believenofi Kymab is the right partner for the progress of the pipeline of products And the merger will speed up time Take itS for Our novel treatment Service Go to the patients. “

KY1005: Antibody promising for inflammatory disorders

In August 2020, Kymab announced that KY1005 studied both primary endpoints in a Phase 2a trial for patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis whose disease is insufficiently controlled with topical corticosteroids. KY1005 demonstrated treatment effects consistent with placebo across various key points, including eczema area and severity index (EASI) and additional objective diagnostic measures.

“This acquisition aligns with our strategy to target fundamentally important disease pathways. We believe that OX40L, a key immune regulator, has the ability to rebalance the immune system without suppressing it, providing a promising new approach to treat a range of immune-mediated diseases. is, ” John Reid, MD PhD, Global Head of Research and Development in Sanofi.

Kaymab’s pipeline also includes the oncology asset KY1044, an ICOS agonist monoclonal antibody, currently developing as monotherapy in early stage 1/2 and in combination with a PD-L-1. The acquisition also provides Sanofi with access to new antibody technologies and research capabilities.

Transaction Terms

Under the terms of the transaction, Sanofi will acquire Kaimb for approximately $ 1.1 billion in advance of some milestones and upfront payments of up to $ 350 million.

Sanofi plans to finance the transaction with cash in hand. The termination of the transaction is subject to the expiration or expiration of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Reform Act 1976 and other customary closing conditions. Sanofi expects to complete the acquisition in the first half of 2021.

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, is acting as Sanofi’s legal counsel. JPMorgan is acting as financial advisor to Kaymab and Goodwin plc is acting as its legal advisor.

About kayamaB

Kaymab is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a fully human monoclonal antibody therapy, collectively called IntelliSelect, with a focus on immune mediated diseases and immuno-oncology.®. Kymab’s IntelliSelect transgenic platforms contain a complete variety of human antibodies, making them the most comprehensive antibody platform available.

Selection from a wide variety of fully human antibodies assures the highest probability of finding drug candidates with the best-in-class characteristics most rapidly and efficiently.

For more information on Kimb please visit Kymab and IntelliSelect are trademarks of Kymab Limited.

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