Sandra Lee cried on a plane after going home from New York

Sandra Lee focuses on moving after an emotional few days.

A day after she was photographed packing a New York home, she revealed to her ex-boyfriend Gov. Andrew Cuomo, 54, a TV chef, on Tuesday that she had touched California before the holidays.

“I am in Malibu – am little women on the flight” – Deckard who I am! However, who would never have cried in the house .., “Lee took a selfie on Instagram.

“I think I’ve been filling it for so long. It has all become too much – the last 6 years has been too much .. Please God 2021 be good to all of us .., “he continued.

Last September, 63-year-old Lee and Cuomo announced that they had broken up after 14 years together. Page Six specifically reported in May 2019 that they were living separately.

In October, Lee’s Westchester County home, Lily Pond, sold for $ 1.85 million, a page six special reveal. The celebrity chef also told The Post that she was going to live in California in February.

Lee said his last moments at Lily Pond on Monday were “very bitter.”

She posted on Instagram, “I used to walk outside my beautiful home – I wanted to drink in every angle and remember the beautiful moments spent everywhere.”

Lee said that on Tuesday she would spend Christmas with her family in Arizona.

“I got off the flight and went straight to get Kovid tested,” Lee explained.

“Now some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Bath and Bed with Salt. Tired and overwhelmed when the ultimate comfort food, ”he continued. “Then the sun will come tomorrow!” Nine xo. “


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