Sanders strikes back at Trump’s attack on ‘social medicine’

Sen Bernie sandersBernie Sandersbiden defended his health plan from Trump’s attacks. Biden plans to have a panel in the Progressive Blast Supreme Court. Sanders: Progressive people will work to woo the American public, if Biden wins more (I-Vt.). President TrumpDonald John Trumpmore supported more than 300 military family members from the last Trump-Biden debate Biden Five takeaway: ‘I will transition from the oil industry’ In a new video Friday criticizing the president for attacking “social medicine” during the presidential debate, against the Democratic presidential nominee Joe BidenMore than 300 military family members who support the Biden Five takeaway from the Bidenmore final Trump-Biden debate: ‘I will transition from the oil industry’.

“During the debate last night, Donald Trump attacked Medicare for All [socialized medicine]Sanders said in a video shared on Twitter, “What makes me feel so good is that when I received free medical care at the best socially 100 percent government hospital in the world, they complained about it.” Did not listen ”

“So, interestingly, the one we have is Donald Trump who loves, benefits from socialism for himself,” Sanders continued. “But for the rest of us he wants rugged individualism.”

The video praises the president’s footage he praised of the medical care he received at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after COVID-19 positive testing, as well as footage of Trump during Thursday’s debate and much more some.

In one clip Trump says “You know, I have such great access to medicine” and “It’s good to be president, I guess.”

Trump accused Biden of wanting to abolish private health insurance during Thursday’s debate.

Trump said, “What he would like to do, which would basically be social medicine. He doesn’t even have the option to end the 180 million plan.”

Later, he also claimed that vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala HarrisKamala Harris. Hill’s campaign report: Trump, Biden last confronted on debate stage Obama says he voted by mail: ‘It’s not as hard as many people think’ Clean energy opportunities in times of crisis (D-California.) Has also emphasized for “social medicine”.

He said, “He wants medicine socially. And it is not that he wants this. His vice president, he is more liberal than Bernie Sanders and wants it even more. Bernie Sanders wants it. Democrats want this, ”Trump said.

Biden campaign plans for health care reform do not roll back private health insurance plans. Instead, Biden’s health plan will build on Obamacare and include a government-run “public option” that is similar to Medicare.

A public option will compete with private health care plans to give users the best prices, and patients can choose whether they want to enroll.

During the debate, Biden responded: “I support private insurance, not a single person with private insurance will lose their insurance under my plan.”

This is not the first time Sanders has called back attacks on Trump; Earlier this month, Sanders tweeted, “Mr. President: You attack ‘social medicine’ every single day. Well, let’s be clear. The excellent care you received at Walter Reed was in a 100% government-funded, government hospital. For Trump, ‘social medicine’ is bad for everyone, but for himself. Total hypocrisy! ”


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