Sanders defends push to impeach: rebellion will not be tolerated

Sen Bernie sandersBernie Sandersbidden tapped Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for Labor Secretary: Report Former Sanders spokesman: Warnock win suggests ‘progressive message’ may put pressure on liberal pressure Democrat Schumer says Czech Democratic- Controlled Senate will have more priority. (I-Vt.) On Friday defended rising calls among MPs to impeach President TrumpDonald Trumpcapitol dies after police officer riots Donner who gave millions to Hawley, urges Senate to stop him for ‘irresponsible’ behavior, Kellyanne condemns Conway violence, supports Trump in statement in Capitol riots . With less than two weeks until the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenkapetol police officer dies after riots. Joaquin Castro wants to stop federal government from ever building buildings, property named after Trump Tucker Carlson: Trump recklessly promotes ‘Capital Riot’The Capitol has an opening on Wednesday calling Trump’s riots a “rebellion against the American government.”

“Some people ask: Why would you impeach and convict a president who has only a few days left in office?” Former Democratic presidential candidate Tweeted. “Answer: precedent.”

The senator said, “It should be made clear that no president, now or in the future, can lead a rebellion against the American government.”

It comes as a house The speaker Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi captitol police officer died after riots Kylinen Conway condemned violence, Trump backed statement in statement on Capitol riots, Warren claps in Davos after announcing resignation: ‘Good riddance’ more (D-California.) Suggested House MPs Impeachment will move President if Vice President Pence and other cabinet officials refused to remove Trump by inviting the 25th Amendment, a move Pence Reportedly opposes.

A vote to impeach Trump for the second time could happen early next week, Assistant House Speaker Catherine ClarkeCatherine Merle Clarkcosio-Cortez: I’m not ‘ready’ to be a speaker, but Pelosi and Schumer need to move to Hill’s 12:30 report – presents Capital One – tensions rise with Trump, Democrats’ campaign arm Barton Maloney to lead (D-Mass) said on Friday.

Several Democrats and some Republican lawmakers have urged Pence to implement the 25th Amendment following Wednesday’s violence. The 1967 amendment to the constitution ensures that a president must be deemed unfit to perform the duties of the president, if the government remains in operation.

A majority of the Trump cabinet and Pence would have to agree that the president is unfit to serve to remove him.

Five people died on Wednesday on Capitol Hill amid the chaos, including a police officer who suffered injuries and a woman who was shot by a plain officer.

Prior to the riots, Trump encouraged his supporters at a rally earlier in the day to march to the Capitol and protest Congressional Biden’s victory, repeating the claim that the 2020 election was “stolen” by him Was.

Three sources told CNBC on Friday that the Secretary of State Mike pompeoMike Pompeohelican Valley: Facebook extends Trump’s suspension to at least inauguration day. Trump deleted tweet that led to Twitter lockout compromising the possibility of a federal judiciary as part of a solar judicial hack. The State Department establishes new bureaus for cyber security and emerging technologies. Warner says foreign opposition SolarWinds has received ‘more’ from the Capital Riot than from Hack. And Treasury Secretary Steven MnuchinSteven MnuchinGOP senators urged Trump officials not to resign after Capitol Anarchy NYSE to delist three Chinese telecoms, reverberating verdict Sudan officials sign ‘Abraham deal’ with US Abraham Announced Trump was among the cabinet members It discusses the use of the 25th amendment, Although there was no formal advancement of the effort.

On Friday, Sen. Ben SasseBen Sasagop’s senators blamed Trump after overcoming the crowd. Trump condemned Capitol for mob action in Capitol, blaming Trump for rioting in Capitol: ‘lie results’ more (Neb.), Who has been one of Trump’s most important Republicans last week, became First GOP Senator for Support For possible impeachment vote from the House.

In an interview on “CBS This Morning” Saas said, “If they come together and there is a process, I will definitely consider those articles, whatever they may be, because they can tell me That the President has sworn in his office. “

“He administered the oath to the American people for the protection, protection, and defense of the Constitution. He took action against it,” Sasse said. “What he did was wicked.”

More than 24 hours after the chaos in the Capitol, Trump signaled a change Thursday evening in tape-related comments released on social media, including the first time since the November election that the president accepted an electoral defeat.

“A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now shifts to ensuring a streamlined orderly and seamless change of power. This moment calls for healing and cohesion,” Trump Said in his address.


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