San Mateo residents confirm high mountain lions sighting

San Mateo, California. (KGO) – A San Mateo family wakes up to a surprise guest in their backyard.A photo released by the San Mateo Police Department shows a mountain lion roaming around.

The video was taken at 10 pm on Friday night.The big cat was spotted again on a backyard deck at around 6:45 am Saturday.

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Police were called out of the house on Alameda de las Pulgas and searched but the animal was not found.

This is the latest sighting on the peninsula.

VIDEO: Hill lion gets video on Saturday morning walking in the backyard

San Mateo police are asking residents to take precautions on Saturday evening because of another confirmed mountain lion. SMPD said the mountain lion confirmed to be seen on a live camera feed in the 4000 block of Alameda de las Pulgas. Authorities alerted some neighbors from house to house this morning.

Sue Galloway lives next to the homeowners capturing the video.

She says that the sewer located in her backyard attracts deer and other wildlife. When he heard about the lion of the mountain – he was not surprised.

“No, but I was surprised to see how big he was. I’m not going to be in his backyard for a while,” Galloway said.

VIDEO: What to do if you come face to face with a mountain lion

Garrett lives in the Smallwood area and said a mountain lion was seen in a park two weeks ago.

“I was literally stopped by a park ranger who didn’t want to go there, there’s a mountain lion you want to turn around and go the other way,” Smallwood said.

He said that it is good to be aware of this as there is a lot of wildlife in the area.
“We have a dog, we have a young child and it’s like being scared for a giant mountain lion walking around your yard,” Woodwood said.

Several encounters have occurred in the neighboring Pacific a week before at San Pedro Valley Park.

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Police reminded residents that mountain lions are most active when wild lions, such as walking in the morning, evening and evening.

San Mateo Police has shared more security tips here:

  • Do not feed the deer. It is illegal in California and will attract mountain lions.
  • If seen, there is no lion of the mountain, especially one who is with feeding or progeny. Most mountain lions will try to avoid a collision.
  • When mountain lions are most active, in the morning, or at night, avoid passing wild areas or jogging.
  • Keep a close eye on young children when they are hiking or traveling in wooded areas.
  • Do not run if you encounter a mountain lion. Instead, face the animal, make noise and try to look big while waving your arms; Throw rocks or other objects; Raise young children.

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