San Francisco 49ers can wait for Deshaun Watson’s trade

The 49ers are finally making their way into the Deshaun Watson trade conversation after most of the early discussions by national reporters revolved around the Dolphins and Jets. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported San Francisco is one of the teams Watson found intriguing.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a trade is imminent, and the Texans remain steadfast in their willingness to let Watson out for the entire season in hopes of eventually salvaging his relationship with his franchise interlocutor.

What could ensue is a long showdown between the two sides that will last all season. If they end up deciding to leave Watson, Peter King in his Football Morning in America column noted that it could happen until September. That would be a scenario in which Houston exhausts all avenues before giving in.

Let’s go to a world where that takes place and Houston in early September starts getting calls about the QB.

While it would put Watson far behind the curve with his new club to the point that he may not be able to start the season, it could make it easier for San Francisco to pull the trigger with a hefty trade package.

Assuming it includes at least three first-round picks, there’s a good chance those picks are all late picks given what Watson would do for head coach Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers offense. They would also have this year’s 12th pick on the roster and wouldn’t have to include her in that pool of picks.

It would also make a team like the Jets or Dolphins less attractive business partners, as they would no longer have the second and third picks in this year’s draft, one of the key reasons they have been named as potential business candidates.

The long wait would also be made easier by the 49ers’ willingness to keep Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s not the ideal quarterback, but they’re not eager to part with him, either. If they have to sit on their hands while they wait for Watson to be available, they can do so knowing they have a call sign that they are comfortable with if a trade never comes to fruition.

A name like Watson’s, which is even whispered in the commercial market, will make a story for you until you adjust to Houston again or finally move out. It looks like it could be a long wait for an eventual trade, but San Francisco is in a good position to wait, and Watson is a potential business target worth waiting for.


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