San Dingons 65 and now Now for vaccination at county sites

Not all residents 65 and older are eligible for vaccination at the Immunization Super Station near Petco Park. Photo by Chris Stone

Public health officials on Saturday expanded the range of people eligible to receive coronovirus vaccinations to all residents 65 and older at San Diego County sites.

“As I indicated a few weeks ago, the county projected to extend eligibility to individuals over the age of 65 and had a week older than January 25. The biggest risk is in the form of continued attention to them Was in, “Dr. Wilma Wootton, the county’s public health officer.

“With many health care providers now vaccinated in the age group, and a surplus of appointments at UC San Diego Health Super Station, the decision was made this afternoon,” she said.

In addition to that site at Petco Park, the county has opened a second super station at the old Sears building in Chula Vista.

Appointments are still required and vaccinations are subject to availability based on supplies, Wootton said. Extended eligibility applies to all sites providing county vaccines.

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