San Diego gym that defined the shutdown order associated with the Kovid-19 outbreak

The University of Washington will now make Kovid-19 to 230,822 American deaths by November depending on the current scenario.

On July 22, the university’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) estimated a total of 219,864 deaths from the virus as of November.

The latest update shows an increase of about 11,000 deaths due to an increase in infections and some people refusing to wear masks, practicing social distance and taking other measures to reduce the transmission of the virus.

If the US wore the mask universally, the death toll would be around 198,831 by November, the model estimated. The use of the mask is up, but not as much as it should be in nations. However, wearing masks has increased in states and locations with increased cases and deaths, IHME said.

IHME’s Health Metrics Sciences professor Ali Mokwad said, “If 95% of Americans apply masks every time they leave their homes, the rate of infection will decline, reducing hospitalizations and deaths. . ” Their guards until the media report the risk of increased infection. “

Some references: So far, according to Johns Hopkins University, more than 4.47 million Americans have been diagnosed with coronovirus infection and at least 151,674 have died.

“We want to keep our guard up to reduce the transmission of the virus to Americans. We don’t have an effective drug and vaccines are on their way, so prevention is important.” Mokkad told CNN.


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