San Diego County says those 65 years and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine

San Diego (KGTV) – San Diego County officials announced Saturday that COVID-19 vaccines will now be available to people 65 and older.

The state of California authorized immediate access to COVID-19 vaccines for all residents 65 and older last week following new federal government guidance.

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However, county officials said at the time that they could not provide vaccinations for the entire age group due to limited vaccine supplies. San Diego County Public Health Officer, Drs. Wilma Wootton said, she hopes to start 65 more vaccinations by the end of January.

“As I indicated a few weeks ago, the county projected to extend eligibility to individuals age 65 and reported the week of January 25 as the greatest risk. 25% said Dr. Wilma J. Wooten.” With many health care providers now vaccinated in the age group, and a surplus of appointments at UC San Diego Health Super Station, the decision was made on Saturday afternoon. “

The expanded requirements will find space in the downtown San Diego vaccine “super station” and other county locations where coronovirus vaccines are being administered. Appointments are still required and vaccinations are available on a supply basis.

Health care workers (Phase 1A / all levels) and San Dying 65 and older (Phase 1B, Tier 1) can make appointments to receive vaccines and are the only group that can visit a vaccination site .

For more information about the county’s vaccination plan, including tiers, location and other eligibility requirements, click here.

Vaccination reservations can be made at


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