Samurai Showdown announcements postponed by King of Fighters 15 and SNK

The wait is on

A large section of the fighting game community was finally getting ready to see what Kings of Fighters 15 is going to look like after years of waiting, but it appears that everyone will still need to hold that anticipation .

SNK announced today that they have postponed announcements for KOF15 and Samurai Showdown Season 3, which were originally scheduled to take place this evening.

An announcement has been made via SNK’s official Twitter account that they state that both are no longer happening as planned.

No official arguments or replacement dates were included with SNK’s post, although they apologize for the last-minute delay.

This sudden change in direction seems strange, considering that SNK continued to tweet about the incident until late in the night, as other representatives of the company did the same two hours before the postponement. The announcement was made in Japan at 1:30 pm local time.

The developers had been promising to reveal the first trailer of Kings of Fighters 15 for more than a month, when they released a short teaser video that showed early concept art for a handful of characters.

Favorite films like Kyo, Benimaru, K ‘, Leona and Shun’ei were all included with the December teaser, and now waiting to see them in action has once again turned into a question mark.

On top of KOF, the company was also going to reveal the first two characters of Season Pass 3 of Samurai Showdown, one of which was a fighter crossover from another SNK series, The Last Blade.

SNK creator Yasuyuki Oda has previously stated that they are working to make KOF15 the series’ supreme masterpiece and that they are working to use “new technologies” for development, but concrete details about the project are still under way. Are also rare.

First revealed to investors at the end of 2018, Kings of Fighters 15 will not be announced to the public until EVO 2019, where just one logo was shown, with SNK running silently on the project until later this winter. Was.

It also comes just a few weeks later with another strange news from SNK that the company plans to release a completely new console at some point in 2021, which is likely Neogo 2 – a semi-open to a system The game is called the platform and the successor to the original NeoGeo released in the early 90s.

Kings of Fighters 15 is set to become a direct sequel to KOF14, which was released in 2016 and launched SNK’s new push to grab the fighting game market in HD and 3D.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Mania and Samurai Showdown have followed suit over the years, though many are eagerly looking forward to a new KOF full-time.

Unfortunately, everything is now limited with anything coming out of the studio, but we can hope that this delay is a short one.


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