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Samsung’s patent design changes the notch of the iPhone X by holes

The now notorious notch of the iPhone X aroused much controversy by cutting into the screen space. But Apple's level simply reflects a bigger problem with the newer phones: as the screens begin to cover the entire face, what do we do with the hardware like the home buttons and the cameras?

A Samsung patent application (discovered for the first time by the Dutch site LetsGoDigital) filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization seems to have an answer: make holes in the screen for the hardware to go through. In theory, this would allow Samsung to completely get rid of the bezels of the phone that it sees skirting its screen, a design feature that is increasingly outdated .

The notch of the iPhone X houses important hardware, but cuts into the phone's screen.


Although the publication date appears on the list of January 18, the two patents were originally filed in South Korea in July and October 2016, respectively. Samsung appears to be exercising its right to extend its patent application in other countries besides South Korea.

As always, sending a patent does not mean that it has been granted or that it will be a product. But it is an indication of solutions and designs that companies are considering.

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Samsung has a history of creating new types of screens for their phones, with examples such as the "Edge" curved screen in Galaxy S7 Edge or "Beyond Infinity Bezeled" . "in the Galaxy S8 . There are even rumors that Samsung is working on a screen for a phone that doubles in half .

The new patent application shows the screen It would allow Samsung to insert things such as cameras or speakers directly on the screen and not into the phone's frames.This does not mean that the sensors will be completely covered by the screen (you'll still see small holes) but bring the phones closer to that 100 percent screen-body ratio, rather than a notch or thin bevels.

Take a look at the idea in the gallery below. [19659015] Are you attracted to this type of design or have you become accustomed to the bevels or the notch of the iPhone X? As Samsung unlocks phones with a growing body-to-skin ratio, we can see similar designs.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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