Samsung’s leaked Galaxy Chromebook 2 is more dangerous than ever

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Chromebook 2 has been revealed in a new leak, which marks the return of the company’s unique bright orange color through Evan Blass in a similar-looking design.

The new model is seeing some changes, including minor adjustments to the port layout and expansion of Samsung’s application in orange. On second-generation models, the keyboard is made more neutral black, even as the orange color extends to the edges of the laptop.

But any more changes to the internal specs will likely see some kind of improvement from last year’s model – especially given that the new 11th Intel Intel laptop chips are out. Combining the better battery life and graphics performance from those chips with the already good-looking Samsung Galaxy Chromebook seems like an intriguing possibility.

The original Galaxy Chromebook was a premium device, with a design – and price tag – to match. But in his review, The ledgePoor battery life and cooling have disappointed Monica Chen – Samsung is hoping on this new leaked model. CES 2021 is right around the corner, so there is a possibility that we will make an official disclosure from Samsung in the next few weeks.

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