Samsung’s Galaxy S21 will create new problems for Apple, Google

2020 smartphone launch calendar needed Done and dusted, but a new report suggests that Samsung may have other ideas. A Story of Korean Publishing Mtn, Citing supply chain sources, claims that Samsung is pushing production of the next Galaxy flagship by six weeks.

Considering the earlier release date, December 2020 is also claimed as an option in the report. The rationale behind the story appears to be poor Samsung S20 sales and a “demand for the Korean company to respond to rapidly changing market conditions”, the story tells. SamMobileOf Own source supported Mtn The initial release date of January 2021 was clearly reported for the Galaxy S21 launch. Whether it is December 2020 or January 2021, it is likely that Samsung’s flagship will arrive earlier than usual.

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The initial launch of the Galaxy S21 is wildly rumored and entirely possible. I’m willing to bet on Samsung to make some drastic price changes to go along with their new release date. This would be unusual, or even unlikely, in any other year but 2020 is a different animal. The intense fight for your money means that OEMs have slammed us with unusual steps this year. Apple launched Four With (almost) every price range to hit the iPhone 12 model, Google stepped away from building a top-tier flagship for the first time in years, and Samsung released a stunning upper mid-range phone just before the release of Google and Apple . The release dates for almost all companies have also shifted due to Kovid-19.

The S20 FE is a good example of how aggressive a Korean company can be. Not only did it appear from anywhere, it was surprisingly inexpensive to its specifications in the display, camera and processor department. Samsung is also not shy about going out to customers away from Apple.

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Five years ago, the Korean company briefly did a high-profile promotion that lets iPhone owners “test drive” the new Note 5 and Galaxy S6 for $ 1 for 30 days. Then there’s the company’s generous trade-in program, which happily kicks off for iPhones, including $ 400 for the 2017 iPhone X and $ 350 for the iPhone 8 Plus. Upon promotion, the company is currently offering free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Moga XP5-X Plus controllers for three months with all Galaxy 2020 5G purchases (total $ 115 worth of free accessories).

It is not difficult to argue that the company’s all-out strategy is a sign of frustration, which is not difficult, as all OEMs find themselves in difficult economic times. So the initial release of the Galaxy S21 does not seem far away. brought into.

I suspect that Samsung will price the Galaxy S21 much higher than its predecessor. The Galaxy S20 landed before the Kovid-19 hit before the economic downturn. That eye-watering $ 1399 price tag for the S20 Plus Ultra won’t be repeated anytime soon, not when nearly all of the competition’s price cuts are taking place.

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Mtn The report also claims that the top Galaxy S21 model will come with the S Pen Note Limit is being closed. In fact, it will streamline Samsung’s bloated product library. We’ve heard rumors about Samsung merging the Galaxy S and Note lines before, but this makes a lot of sense in the current climate.

The perfect combination of a new Galaxy S phone, which combines the best of the Note range, at a more affordable price, reached much earlier than expected – all in generous business and with Xbox bundle deals – good for rivals in a year Can cause problems. When competition for the rest of your disposable income is particularly fierce.

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