Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fan Edition Goes to US

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is poorly kept secret, but questions have been raised about availability – will it be widely available, or sold only to a limited audience? Americans, at least, may not have to look at the phone from afar. WinfutureRoland Quandt Discovered (Via Android police) Several videos on Verizon’s website (Disclaimer: Verizon is the parent company of Engadget) that suggest the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is coming to the US. The clips only show renders of low-cost devices in lavender, mint, navy and red, but their mere presence suggests that the carrier is getting ready to offer the device.

Despite the name Fan Edition, the phone is expected to be a low-cost alternative to the regular S20 rather than a device aimed at enthusiasts. It is rumored to have key features such as a fast 120 Hz display, Snapdragon 865 (in some models) and triple rear cameras, but a number of cost reductions including a low-resolution 1080p screen, less RAM (6GB or so) Will sacrifice 8GB), and an 8-megapixel 3X telephoto lens instead of a crop-based 48MP sensor.