Samsung’s Galaxy Buds + True Wireless Earbuds are on sale today for only $ 100

As more and more companies come out with their own version of true wireless earbuds, there still remains a place for a major contender to lead the market for Android devices because Apple’s iOS with its AirPods Does for

Samsung Galaxy Buds + Wireless earbuds hope to take the reigns, and today you can see if they qualify as low as $ 94.99 via Voot. These are brand new and are on sale for one day only, although you will need to checkout using an Amazon Prime account to get the best price; Without Prime, these headphones are on sale for $ 99.99 which is still a stellar discount of $ 50 off their regular price of $ 150.

Under $ 100

Samsung Galaxy Buds + True Wireless Earbuds

The Galaxy Buds + may look similar to previous Galaxy Buds, but they offer 11 hours of better playtime with 11 hours of battery life, integration with Spotify and better call quality. Use Prime to save $ 5 extra.

$ 94.99 $ 149.99 $ 55 off

You can read about Galaxy Buds + in our review which gave them 7.5 stars out of 5.5. Daniel Bader said, “The Galaxy Buds Plus are among the best wireless earbuds you can buy. Samsung has improved the sound to board. Call quality for battery life – especially battery life – the original ones. Without losing any of the qualities I loved. “

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You’ll get up to 11 hours of battery life per earbud, and the included case also doubles as a wireless charger so you can remove another 11 hours before you have to connect the case to a USB-C or wireless charger Lie. The Buds + features a premium sound tune designed by AKG and a customized driver for adequate bass. When you call for thanks to noise-canceling mics, you’ll feel great.

With Ambient Aware 2, which is only available on Android, you will be able to control how much you reduce the surrounding noise. Sometimes, like an airplane, you just want to exclude all noise (which these buds receive through passive noise-isolation, rather than active noise-canceling). Like other times, when walking down the road, it can be helpful to listen to the fast cars around. You can easily switch to ambient mode, too, when you feel like someone is calling you out or you suddenly need to hear what’s going on.

A feature of the Galaxy Buds is Spotify integration on the previous-gen in Nifty. This means that you can assign a specific playlist directly to tap gestures on your earbuds. This is a good feature, especially if you are a heavy Spotify user. Just know that this feature also works only on Android.

These earbuds work with both iOS and Android devices, although some features are platform-specific. You can connect to pretty much anything via Bluetooth. On iOS, you will get voice commands through Siri instead of Google Assistant on Android.

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