Samsung's fast and wireless charger costs only $ 24 as Amazon's day offer

One of the advantages of owning a Galaxy S or Note phone, apart from the tremendous compatibility with the accessories, the MST payments, the quality of the screen, etc. , tangled cables or ports. But those fast wireless chargers can be expensive, so saving a little extra money can increase. Fortunately, for the next eight hours or so, Samsung's next-generation fast wireless charging support (and the included AFC wall charger) costs only $ 24 on Amazon as a day's offer.

That's $ 10-8 off the recent prices, and $ 46 on the ridiculous and inflated price of MSRP. It is also a historical minimum for the "new" quality that Amazon sells, for what we can say.

Take into account, there technically a newer model, but it will only charge your Galaxy S, whatever the same 9W speeds. It depends on you if a slightly more beautiful design is worth the price premium of ~ 2x. Personally, I prefer to save the money.

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