Samsung will copy Apple by witching the changers

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Rear and CenterSmartphones that ship with bundled chargers may soon be a luxury rather than a given. Apple is now asking users to buy the charger separately by snatching the essentials from their iPhone 12 packaging, which would not be difficult to imagine other OEMs doing.

Although Samsung made fun of the Cupertino firm’s charger-less iPhones shortly after it was announced, the company balked at its chaos. Rumors in July suggest that from 2021, Samsung may also get rid of its in-box charger. Can it start as soon as the Galaxy S30?

To better read the room, we asked readers if they believed that Samsung would follow suit and would also drop the in-box charger from their future phones. Here you are told.

Will Samsung drop the in-box charger from future phones?

Samsung will drop in box charger from future phone poll results


Readers don’t have much confidence in Samsung’s commitment to the in-box charger. Out of nearly 1,200 votes, 69.1% of readers believe that the Korean firm will also leave it with its future devices.

This feeling is not wrong. The company had earlier reversed the headphone jack after taunting Apple’s decision to remove it from the iPhone 7. Many Android OEMs followed suit, and now this smartphone has become an annoying standard for some exceptions to the World Bar.

Samsung also gave an example for users to purchase additional chargers for their $ 1,000 smartphones. To activate the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 45 W charging capabilities, users had to fork out an additional $ 50 on an aftermarket charger. Granted, a 25W brick was included with the phone, but would that happen with the next round of flags?

Interestingly, a large proportion of the voters will not care less. If Samsung no longer included in-box chargers, only 31% of readers would be completely fine. This comes despite earlier surveys when we were repeating the then rumors of a boycott of Apple’s Charger. More than 77% of users on that poll said they would have offended the Cupertino firm if they had left the charger.

Here you told us

  • sachouba: it makes sense that Samsung made fun of them [about the headphone jack] And then a few years later did the same thing. Just as a few years ago MacBook Pros could be mocked a few years ago for having only a USB-C port, the same would probably happen in most laptops. Apple’s move was still justified too soon (apart from selling its Beats / AirPods).
  • Low Budget Tech Guy: The charging technology in Android phones changes too often (read: every generation) to drop chargers – otherwise they can’t market the “latest, fastest charging on the planet” with every phone release.
  • DC: Of course this is just a way to squeeze extra money from customers by not lowering the price of the phone, then you have to pay an extra charge for the charger. Like Apple you have to buy a load of leads over the lifetime of the phone because they always fail on either end of the lead or start at both ends of the lead.

It is for this election. Thanks to everyone who contributed with the vote and comments. If you have any additional thoughts about the steps of Samsung or Apple, or about the results of the election itself, be sure to leave a comment below.

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