Samsung makes phones, tablets, watches, and more, but did you know that it also makes movies. Well, in a new video promoting the Exynos processor, the company pretends to be Pixar by recreating the ups in some strange way. And when there is no enchanting jungle explorer present, there are many selectable mutant characters.

The video begins with the classic up tropes you know and love: shaving cream, tie sinching, a trip down a ladder. But it quickly takes a turn for trouble. The protagonist of Samsung’s Up Knockoff is not the good ol ‘Carl Frederickson. Instead, he names John Williams, and is a recent retiree who loves to use his Samsung phone and use his acoustic guitar.

After discovering his post-retirement hobby on his phone (and perhaps ingesting multiple narcotics), John is stunned to see an Exynos chip magically out of his phone – a cute mini Mewato-Leh mascot character and With everyone. The magical mutant takes John on a voyage of discovery, using everything from deep sea fishing to climbing a frozen mountain before he finally catches him Actually Wants to play normal acoustic rock with his new pets.

Exynos just wants to help you enjoy your retirement.

He proceeds to do so – and is surprised to learn that his phone was live-streaming his performance to watch the world. (Probably not on Periscope, though.) The video ends with a slow fade away from John, who is probably thinking about becoming the next Ed Sheeran or something. I’m still a bit amused about the final tagline (“In the Journey Inside the Phone You Love)” which feels a bit ripe after the surprisingly well animated footage.

This is definitely one of the wildest promotional videos I’ve seen this year. Is it secretly preparing us for a future in which our smartphone processors will reveal themselves as frightfully cartoon creatures? It’s 2020, so who knows.

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