Samsung taunts Apple again: this time he is making fun of the acceleration problems of the iPhone

Video: Samsung's new ad mocks the performance of Apple's iPhone 6.

Source: Samsung / YouTube

Samsung launched a new ad that mocks the iPhone before the launch of the 128GB and 256GB editions of the Galaxy S9.

Samsung sellers seem to realize that the most likely group of iPhone owners to upgrade to a Galaxy S9 instead of an iPhone X are owners of iPhone 6, which feel cheated by Apple's slowdown in the controversy.

The ad, which uses the same music as last year's iPhone 6 performance, which constantly drops its owner, causing its stress, suffering and envy.

The first 40 seconds of the ad show that the owner of the iPhone 6, Carmen, is gradually broken down by the slow performance of the device, setting the stage for a scene in an Apple Store where Carmen realizes that it is that damn problem of "battery acceleration" that is behind his misery.

It's understandable why Samsung focused on this issue, even if the ad is full of cheap photos on an iPhone 2014.

Apple is facing dozens of clbad action lawsuits from customers who feel handicapped by the management feature of the performance that Apple secretly introduced in iOS. And it raised suspicions that Apple was artificially degrading the iPhone's performance to push for updates.

Samsung probably expects this group, and iPhone owners to retain an iPhone X update for the Apple 2018 line, to be recognized in their latest announcement. [19659004] At the airport security doors, Carmen is forced to apologize to an unfriendly TSA official because she is waiting for the device to load her boarding pbad. Meanwhile, a Galaxy S9 owner goes through security.

After it ends, Carmen receives a text message from her mother asking if she has already "updated that iPhone 6", followed by a screaming face and turtle emoji.

On the plane she gives up watching the media because the TV application takes time to load, while the pbadenger Galaxy S9 is enjoying a game of heavy graphics.

In his destiny now and under a torrential rain, he accidentally jumps to the Uber of another person to mount, again because his application loads too slow.

After finding the right path and now on the way to his hotel, an exasperated and soggy Carmen asks the driver to stop at an Apple store.

"Can we fix this phone? It's too slow tonight," he asks the actor at the Apple store.

"You can deactivate the performance management function, but it can cause unexpected stops," says the store worker.

The penny falls. "Limit the battery," Carmen says to herself.

"Or you can simply update it".

Carmen had enough and, out of the store, Carmen enlightened recognizes the boy in the clbad who now has a little boy who inherited the creepy hair-do.

Finally, a smiling Carmen who updated to a Galaxy S9 sends a text message to her mother to tell her that she has made the update, boasting that it is very fast.

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