Samsung starts rolling out Android Auto support for SmartThings

Last week, Samsung announced during the Unpacked 2021 event that it would bring Android Auto support for SmartThings. The new feature lets users control their smart home products from their car’s infotainment unit. Now, the company has introduced a new feature for some users.

Android Auto Integration in SmartThings app is going live with version If you received this update on your smartphone, you can start using SmartThings from your car’s Android Auto-compatible dashboard. The Android Auto section appears in the Settings menu of the app, and you can choose how you want your smartphone device to appear on your car’s display. You can select up to six device or smartthings views. When you contact your home (or a chosen location), you can choose to receive automatic notifications for ongoing scenes.

The SmartThings app icon appears on the Android Auto App Launcher. After launching the app, you can turn the smart home device on / off with a simple click. You can turn automatic notifications on / off to run the view from the settings menu on the top right corner. You can also control SmartThings devices through Google Assistant on Android Auto.

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