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Samsung relies on a new user interface and software tricks to beat the iPhone X, report the claims – BGR

"Although the Galaxy S9 may not have the innovative features expected by the market, we are focusing on improving the integrity of the Galaxy S8 hardware and an innovative user experience (UX)," said a Samsung along the way. return to mid-November. More and more Galaxy S9 reports painted a similar image at that time. The Galaxy S9 would not bring a completely new design. Instead, Samsung would repackage the Galaxy S8 with new hardware and software tricks this year.

Fast forward to today, and you'll see a rumor that says Samsung invented new UX features for the phone never seen before in the Galaxy S models

Ice Universe a Chinese expert who continues to post details about Uncharted devices on Weibo said in a cryptic message that the user interface of the Galaxy S9 will be different from everything Samsung has done so far. "The Samsung UX division has designed several new and unique interfaces for the Galaxy S9 that are not visible in any previous version," says a rough Google translation of the publication.

The UX was developed exclusively for the phone, although we have no idea what that really means. After all, Samsung developed UX features for every phone that it launched since it began copying the iPhone.

As always, the user interface that Samsung invents every year is still on top of Android. Fortunately, Samsung improved its UX design skills in recent years and eliminated unnecessary tricks and some of the bloatware that comes with every new Galaxy phone release.

What we know, from a different rumor from the same source, one that actually has images of a Samsung presentation, is that Samsung has been working on a Galaxy AI UX for some time now. Given that the new Samsung processors that will power the Galaxy S9 come with a neural engine ready to support more functions of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is likely that the Galaxy S9 is the first Samsung phone to offer us a sample of this Galaxy AI UX. [19659002] Oddly enough, Galaxy AI UX from Samsung has not been filtered. The Galaxy S9 will debut at MWC 2018 in about a month from now, which gives us a lot of time to go through a myriad of rumors. So we hope that the secrets of the phone software spill as we approach the Samsung event.

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