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Samsung patent shows possible device plans with notches

Samsung fans can be included in the latest screen trends after the discovery of at least two new patents presented by the company at the end of March. However, as always with patents, it may be a good idea not to draw conclusions yet. Of those two patents, according to reports filed with the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), only one showed a smartphone with the now infamous function similar to the iPhone X. In the first patent, the notch is of course used to house the camera , the sensors and the headset. In the other, those are notably absent and could be integrated into the screen. The rest of the device design shown, meanwhile, seems to be a big step in the right direction.

Not less important is that both patents show a device having a screen that extends from end to end both vertically and horizontally. addresses. In any of the devices, the bevels that are included are almost nonexistent. Although it is difficult to say whether they would be used on a flagship or not, the other design cues are those that are commonly seen on most Samsung devices. The volume rockers in any of the designs are along the left edge, while the power button is on the right. In both designs, a USB type C port is clearly visible. Of course, not everything is the same between the two either. The notched design shows Samsung's unique trademark firing speaker and a headphone jack on each side of the charging port. The second device shows only the USB connector and two lower-firing speakers. On the rear panel, there is no indication of a fingerprint scanner for any of the devices. Although iris or face scanning can be used instead, it could be considered sacrilegious for any modern phone to omit the security of fingerprints. So, if that is present in these designs, it is probably embedded in the screen. Meanwhile, the notched design shows a dual main chamber matrix, while the second patent promotes a single primary snapper.

As always, it remains to be seen if a design survives until the final cut. Samsung is among the most prominent smartphone manufacturers in terms of sales, design, performance and patent applications. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that not all patents will ever be used.

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