Samsung leaks reveal that amazing new Galaxy smartphone

07/30 update below. This post was originally published on 28 July

Samsung is soon to launch its most exciting Galaxy smartphone of the year. But you may want to leave it after reading it.

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The first details about Samsung’s Galaxy S20 successors (dubbed Galaxy S21 / S30) and YouTuber Mari QHD are revealed in a new exclusive, always-excellent Sammobile. Flagged We already know that they will have a game-upgrade.

07/29 update: maurya is qhd Appear Another Galaxy S21 upgrade compared to the Galaxy S20 and the upcoming Note 20: a jump in build quality. YouTuber says that Samsung has decided to dig up the controversial ‘glassstick’ (glass and plastic) hybrid chassis used on the entry-level Galaxy S and Note models with the S21. These finishes have been considered cheap by many and given the highly aggressive cost-cutting exercise, the prices of these handsets are still close to $ 1,000. A word of warning: Maurya says that this is Samsung’s thinking “ATM”, so if the pressure on margins increases it is subject to change.

07/30 update: Further news of the Galaxy S21 has broken through Samsung’s popular site SamMobile, Which claims that the next-gen flagship will feature a much improved front facing camera. SamMobile states that it will achieve optical image stabilization along with increasing the size of the sensor. Two sensors are being considered: a 1/2-inch 48MP sensor and a 1 / 2.55-inch 12MP sensor, both of which are larger than anything Samsung had previously seen on the front of their phones. That said, it is the inclusion of OIS, which may be most beneficial, given the selfie is usually taken at arm’s length, which is a much higher shake than a standard rear camera photograph. For selfie enthusiasts, it can take the Galaxy S21 series to your smartphone.

Breaking things up, SamMobile says that what they learned about the Galaxy S21 range is no surprise: three models, such as the Galaxy S10 and the S20 before the lineup, 5G across the board 128 / 256GB storage option as standard (with some regional 4G only options). So far the norm, but here is the head turner: who drives them.

Due to Samsung’s own leaked benchmark, we know that the chipset inside the Galaxy S21 is potentially transformative. Based on Samsung’s own roadmap, it is believed to be an Exynos 1000 built in conjunction with AMD using a custom Rayon GPU. And that benchmark? Gaming performance increased the performance of the Snapdragon 865 by 2.5 times. This is a multi-generational improvement and means that it is eating its dust not only to every rival Android smartphone, but also every iPhone.

Of course, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will launch in a few weeks and it is not coming with Snapdragon 865+, a tweaked version of the 865. It also has the industry’s first LPTO display and some necessary camera changes. That said, it is estimated to be close to $ 1,400, while the $ 1,000 entry-level Note 20 looks like a dumpster fire that you should avoid.

Yes, I expect the Galaxy S21 range to be expensive too, but if you can only note 20 at this time, my advice would be to wait for the S21 to arrive in February. If Samsung’s final product can live up to its initial benchmark, you’ll be glad you did.


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