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Samsung introduces a 512 GB memory chip for their phones

These tiny chips can hold a ton of your music, images and applications.

Samsung / Business Wire

Samsung has just announced that it has begun mass production of a 512 GB embedded Universal Storage Flash memory chip for mobile devices, which means that its next Galaxy phone could have endless storage.

Currently, models with high phone storage come with 128 GB or 256 GB of memory, but Samsung's new 512GB chip is double or quad. Samsung says that the chip consists of eight V-NAND chips of 6412 and 512 GB, but the interesting thing is that, although it doubles the storage and density of Samsung's 256 GB chip, it takes up the same amount of physical space.

Of course, Samsung and other Android phones sometimes have the option of expandable storage through a microSD chip, but internal storage has its benefits. The 512GB chip can read and write new data at 860MB per second and 255MB per second respectively, which Samsung claims is eight times faster than an average microSD card. In addition, expandable storage has always been a complement; The internal storage is integrated directly into your phone.

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Samsung says the chip is designed for use in next generation phones, which makes us wonder which phones will get it. Will the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 9 come with 512 GB of storage? Or it will appear on the phones of other manufacturers, like some iPhones used Samsung memory chips.

Increasing internal storage sizes is a good thing. This is especially the case as the applications get bigger, the operating systems take up more space and the quality of the photo and video for the built-in cameras increases. Samsung claims that the 512GB chip can hold approximately 130 4K Ultra HD videos of 10 minutes, which is good news for all phones with 4K video recording capability.

If you can not imagine using a lot of storage, Samsung also announced that it will expand the production of its 256GB chips as well. So as the ends of the memory increase at the top end, we can also see more phones with 256GB of storage.

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