Samsung Introduces 76-Inch MicroLED TV, TikTok App, And A Shelf For The Frame


Samsung’s My Shelf is an accessory designed for art-focused The Frame TVs.


Samsung is the largest television manufacturer in the world and had a very successful 2020 as people stayed home and invested heavily in home entertainment. His follow-up for 2021 is a TV programming heavy with “lifestyle” focused displays, expensive image quality innovations and, yes, a shelf.

The company’s Unbox and Discover virtual event on Tuesday covered home entertainment products already announced at CES, including the Neo QLED TVs, a slimmer version of The Frame art TV, to solar powered remote control, to game status screen, an AI-based personal trainer and new sound bars – but Samsung made some new announcements too.

Here is a summary of the television news that Samsung released on Tuesday:

  • A new size of MicroLED TV, 76 inches, will debut in the future. It’s the smallest size yet, undermining the already announced 88-, 99- and 110-inch dimensions. MicroLED is Samsung’s most expensive and high-end TV, promising superior image quality with prices aimed directly at millionaires. The company hasn’t announced pricing yet, but says it will happen closer to April, when its 110-inch MicroLED goes on sale in the United States. To give you a preview, that TV sells for the equivalent of $ 156,000 in Korea.
  • A new TikTok app for all your smart TVs. The dedicated app is now available in the UK and is coming to the US soon.On most TVs, TikTok’s vertical video (portrait mode) will be displayed with fill bars on either side, but The Sero, which can rotate between landscape and portrait modes using a built-in motor, you can display it without bars. The same goes for the 32-inch and 43-inch versions of The Frame, which can also be set in portrait mode.
  • A new AirPlay integration for The Sero that allows iPhones to automatically rotate it between portrait and landscape mode when you flip the phone. The feature was already available for Android phones.
  • A new accessory for The Frame, Samsung’s television designed to mimic wall art, called My Shelf. It is a custom shelf, designed specifically for the TV, with customizable panels to fit the wall space. It is available in beige, white, brown, and black and works with the 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes. The company also revealed that the internal storage in The Frame 2021 will be 6GB, “allowing for the storage of ~ 1200 ultra-high resolution images.” Previous versions were 500MB.

  • A new 75-inch “full sun” version of The Terrace Outdoor TV, arriving this summer. Details were not available at time of publication, but it is safe to assume that it will be brighter and / or use an improved anti-glare screen material.
  • The availability of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro on TVs Q70A and above, as well as on The Frame. This gaming extra, compatible with PC and next generation consoles, adds high dynamic range performance metrics at variable refresh rate. Samsung says current games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War support it.
  • The company updated its Odyssey G9 gaming monitor since last June, changing the backlight to Mini-LED. That should greatly increase your control over local contrast to deliver better detail in highlights and shadows.
  • Samsung’s Smart Monitor, a work-and-play model it announced in November, is now available. Its intelligence includes built-in connectivity so you can work or attend school from the cloud without the need for a separate PC, as well as TV features so you can seamlessly transition into the entertainment part of your day.

Most of Samsung’s 2021 TVs, including the Neo QLED and The Frame models, are available to pre-order now. We hope to review them soon.

Update, 8:05 am PT: Samsung originally told CNET that the 76-inch MicroLED TV would debut in late 2021 or early 2022, but modified that statement to simply say that it was “on the product roadmap” for sometime in “the future.” .

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