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Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) will be available worldwide

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) that has leaked a lot in recent times will be available worldwide, SamMobile reported Thursday, citing a list of firmware compilations specific to the country's phone. While the mere existence of software does not necessarily translate into guaranteed availability in a related country, it is considered that the last leak is quite accurate in terms of revealing the markets in which the company's next entry-level offer will be launched, even though it is unlikely to have a global launch and is expected to gradually expand its availability over the course of next year.

In terms of high priority markets, it is believed that India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam are among the first markets to receive the Galaxy J2 Pro (2018). The smartphone will not be launched in the home country of Samsung, South Korea, nor will it be available in China, where the company's market share has been in sharp decline in recent times as the phone manufacturer could not compete with aggressive price offers from local OEMs, as recent reports suggest. The device is also expected to be an exclusive Carphone Warehouse in the United Kingdom, while other European countries that will receive it are Germany, Poland and Ukraine. More markets in the Old Continent may eventually see the launch of the Galaxy J2 Pro (2018), although they are not expected to receive units with localized firmware, as indicated by the new leak. The same source suggests that Samsung will not target North America or South America with its next entry-level Android device, although it is still expected that at least several devices will cover this particular price range on the two continents in the 2018. [19659002] It is alleged that the phone is sold in Russia and in most of Asia, as well as in most African countries. No windows of firm availability have yet been provided by experts, although the Galaxy J2 Pro (2018) is likely to be officially unveiled early next year and launched in all of Samsung's target markets in the spring. The successor of the Galaxy J2 Pro (2016) should cost around € 160 ($ 190), depending on the region and the mobile or retail company of your choice.

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