Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leak Confirms New Name, Display

Prior to its launch next week, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold sequel has mostly been in the dark until now. Tonight, a refreshed image of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has displayed an internal hit and hit the web, confirming the new name.

Lever on naver (via) Max Weinbach), The in-a-flash image of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 confirms some important details about the upcoming foldable. For one, it confirms Samsung’s new naming scheme. As stated earlier, after branding the new series introduced with the Galaxy Z Flip earlier this year, the device has been named the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

In addition, this image confirms the hole-holes on the internal display of the Galaxy Z fold. It is a bit harder to see the brightness from the logo on the screen, but it is clear that the camera has moved and, as previous reports have claimed, it appears to be a hole-in-hole. Given that there is no image of the screen as a whole, there is no evidence as to whether there is a large cutout or not, but it is certainly exciting to see the notch removed from the original Galaxy fold.

Hopefully, more images of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will come from this user and if so, we will update this article accordingly.

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