Samsung Galaxy Bud Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro

In January, Samsung unveiled the new flagship Galaxy S21 smartphones and, with the new phones, introduced the $ 200 Galaxy Buds Pro, priced at $ 199 and offering active noise cancellation.

These new Galaxy Buds Pro are clearly designed to compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro, so we thought we’d compare the two sets of earbuds in our latest YouTube video.

Design wise, the Galaxy Buds Pro looks nothing like nothingAAPPods Pro, with a rounded in-ear design that no longer has a stem. They have silicon tips like ‘Proprods Pro’, but MacRumors Videographer Dan, who tested the Galaxy Buds Pro, found it more uncomfortable than the ir AirPods Pro.

airpods pro vs galaxy buds pro

They need to be tightly fitted inside the ear to achieve the correct fit and proper seal, both to ensure that they stay in the ear and allow ANC functionality to function properly. Without the right fit, the earbuds will not look right and audio quality will suffer. Samsung offers several silicone tips to get a good fit, but these earbuds may not work well for some users.

Galaxy buds pro in ear design

Like The AirPods Pro, the Galaxy Buds Pro offers Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which is decent, but is not as good as the ANC in AARPods Pro. This is certainly better than ANC in last year’s Galaxy Buds Live, but still not on par with ir AirPods Pro. There is an ambient mode that is equivalent to the Transparency mode to allow ambient sounds to come in, but again, this is fine and doesn’t work with Transparency mode either.

One standout feature that the Galaxy Buds Pro offer is not available in stand AirPods Pro and is the Kiwet Detect. The voice detect lowers the volume and turns on ambient mode when it hears the sound of your voice, which is easier.

Galaxy buds pro app

When it comes to sound quality, the Galaxy Buds Pro ir is close to indistinguishable from AirPods Pro. Audio on both sounds great, and whether you like one over the other will come down to personal listening preferences. The Galaxy Buds Pro are hot and heavy on the base, which some people like. You need a good in-ear fit for the best sound quality because if it’s off, they don’t look good.

Galaxy Buds Pro Size

The Galaxy Buds Pro is a case that is small and pocketable, with an additional battery life of 18 to 20 hours depending on the ANC used. The Galaxy Buds themselves have a battery life of five hours with ANC and eight hours of battery life with ANC. By comparison, the od AirPods Pro ANC lasts up to 4.5 hours on a single charge and lasts five hours with it, but the case provides an additional 24 hours. Apple’s lyAPPods Pro charge wirelessly or through a Lightning port, while the Galaxy Buds Pro uses USB-C.

Galaxy buds pro case closed

The Galaxy Pro earbuds have touch controls on each side, and enable tap play / pause, skipping tracks, and ambient sound features on and off. The AirPods Pro offers similar controls, but on the stem rather than relying on the taps, which works better.

Galaxy Bud Pro Case AirPod Pro

Apple Design designsAAPPods Pro is to be used with Apple devices, and the Galaxy Buds Pro is designed to be used primarily with Samsung devices. There are several features that only work when used with a Galaxy device, which is slightly new to Samsung. Earlier earbud models have been more feature agnostic and can easily be used with other Android devices or even iPhones, but with the Galaxy Buds Pro, you’re missing features without a Galaxy smartphone .

Galaxy buds pro in case

There is a tap pairing feature to set the Galaxy Buds Pro with the Galaxy smartphone (you have to connect to the iPhone manually), and it has a 360 audio feature that is comparable to the spatial audio feature in PAirPods Pro. We could not test 360 Audio because the update that enables it on Galaxy devices (other than S21) is not yet available.

On galaxy buds pro phone

With one tap pairing, the Galaxy Buds Pro supports auto detecting devices and fast switching, but again, Galaxy devices only. There is an app to adjust EQ and other settings, but it is Android only and no ‌iPhone version is available.

Pro in case

All in all, Galaxy Buds Pro is a solid headphone if you have a Galaxy smartphone, but these are not the headphones you’re going to pick up if you have an आपphone because you’re not missing so many features. The price point is also only $ 50 cheaper than the PAirPods Pro, so it’s better to spend $ 250 for the sAirPods Pro if you have an Apple device.


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