Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018) looks beautiful in these filtered live images –

Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018) looks beautiful in these filtered live images


Rumors have circulated suggesting that Samsung plans to completely revise the design of its Galaxy A series. One of the main changes that will affect most of the devices in the new Galaxy A 2018 line is the elimination of the start button.

At the same time, they will benefit from the beautiful Infinity Display, which is intended to make them more attractive to those looking for a mid-to-high-end smart phone. The design without bezel and the removal of the start button will also bring the Galaxy A series closer to Samsung Galaxy S galaxies when it comes to appearance.

One of the phones that we know that Samsung plans to reveal very soon is the Galaxy A7 (2018). A couple of images of the device, also known as Samsung SM-730, have just appeared in Weibo the main Chinese social network.

The filtered live images show a very attractive phone that, apparently, will not be released on the market as Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) as we had previously expected. One of the images reveals that the name of the phone is, in fact, Galaxy A8 + (2018), which makes us believe that there will also be a regular Galaxy A8 (2018).

The Infinity screen seems to be there although we can not confirm the aspect ratio. Still, it is said that most of the Galaxy A series phones that will be launched next year will have screens of 18: 9, unlike Samsung flagships that have screens of 18.5: 9. [UnfortunatelytherearenopicturesofthebackofthephonesoyoucannotuseSamsungwilluseadouble-cameraconfigurationintheGalaxyandA8+(2018)Itibadpectedthatthesenewphoneswillbeknowninasinglemodebecausewewillprobablyhavemoredetailsaboutthemuntilthen

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