Samsung Display to Make Large-Scale 90Hz OLED Screen for Laptops

Samsung Display has announced plans to mass produce the world’s first 90Hz OLED screen designed for laptops and says that “many global IT companies” are expected to release models with new panels this year . Manufacturing will begin in “very large amounts” in March, the company attributed in a statement to CEO Choi Ju-sun.

The panels are 14 inches in size, although the Samsung display did not provide details on specs such as aspect ratio or resolution; It is possible that several versions will be available. Samsung cites the fast response time of its OLED panels, claiming that displaying fast-moving materials “obscures” the same amount of blurring as a 120Hz LCD. The statement did not name any potential laptop OEM partners.

OLED displays are not unheard of in laptops, but they are not common at all. While some gaming laptops offer them as an option, the tradeoff is that you have to give up at higher refresh rates. And despite Samsung only launching an OLED-equipped Galaxy Chromebook last year, the 2021 uses a cheaper QLED-branded LCD display instead of followup.

Samsung is the world’s largest seller of OLED display panels, so the announcement today suggests that OLED laptops are likely to become a common sight this year.

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