Samsung caught Apple, and now Motorola is making fun of both, BGR


A few days after the iPhone X was launched in stores, Samsung launched an anti-iPhone campaign that reminded people of the hilarious ads that the company used to publish years ago, commercials that fiercely attacked the Apple phone and your buyers In fact, I did not expect Samsung to perform tricks as cheap as that, but it sure seems that the iPhone X is a pretty scary device to fight.

But what probably nobody saw coming is that Motorola bit Samsung with an ad of its own.

Let's see Samsung's announcement once again:

Tells the story of a faithful iPhone user who only upgraded to a Samsung device in 2017, After using iPhones for ten years, that's an illusion at Samsung's best.

Now here's the brilliant announcement from Motorola:

The "Up-upgrade to Motorola" "Announcement offers the alternative end to Samsung's announcement, as explains Motorola on his Facebook page.

Therefore, the iPhone user for a long time who abandoned the iPhone in favor of the Galaxy Note 8 comes home only to discover that his soul mate now Rocks of a Motorola Moto Z2 Play that becomes a projector with the help of an accessory.He does not seem very happy about that.

The Motorola phone is different, that's for sure, but the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X are probably much better options.

As for the announcement, it's certainly funny, and Motorola did not even have to make fun of the customers it targets in the process, now that I think about it, Motorola does not even mention the iPhone X, so if you have not seen the Samsung ad, you would think that it is tel Galaxy phones.

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