Samsung begins marketing its most ambitious line of televisions in years

Samsung has started shipments of its 2021 TV lineup, which is led by new 8K and 4K “Neo QLED” TVs that use Mini LED technology to achieve higher contrast and improved picture quality than in previous years. With Mini LEDs, the company is able to put much smaller LEDs, and many more than before, in the TV’s backlight system. This gives the TV much more precise control over fade zones and black levels, and should dramatically reduce any unwanted “blooming” effects.

This year’s high-end Samsung TVs also include a host of gaming-centric features, like a new settings bar that puts all the crucial next-gen options (refresh rate, aspect ratio, input lag, etc. .) to reach. Many of the TVs will begin reaching customers in the next two weeks, with others to follow in April and beyond.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

The Frame, one of Samsung’s “lifestyle” TVs, is updated with a slimmer design and more bezel options to make it look like a work of art on the wall. And Samsung now says it is increasing internal storage from 500MB to 6GB so customers can now store more artwork – up to 1,200 ultra-high-resolution images – on the TV that is displayed when it’s not being actively used. Another lifestyle TV, the Rotating Sero, is getting AirPlay 2 support from Apple in the near future. (Samsung promised this at the TV launch, but it has taken a while to make it happen.)

The company also announced that it is introducing more traditional form factors for its futuristic MicroLED TVs that aim to overtake OLED as the next great TV technology. Rather than offering any size modular options you want like it does with The Wall, Samsung will sell the MicroLED array in 110-, 99- and 88-inch sizes. Now it has been announced that a 76-inch model will be added in the future. The 110 and 99-inch MicroLED TVs will be available in April. All of them are sure to be exorbitantly expensive.

Here’s how Samsung’s 2021 line shakes up in terms of pricing. I’m not going to recommend that you get an 8K TV, although it’s unfortunate that the beautiful barely visible bezel design is exclusively reserved for the top-tier 8K series. I’m definitely looking at one of the Neo QLED 4K sets, especially once the sales kick in.

Neo QLED 8K QN900A Series (the “bezel-less” flagship design)
85-inch: $ 8,999.99
75-inch: $ 6,999.99
65-inch: $ 4,999.99

Neo QLED 8K QN800A Series
85-inch: $ 6,499.99
75-inch: $ 4,799.99
65-inch: $ 3,499.99

Neo QLED 4K QN90A Series
85-inch: $ 4,999.99
75-inch: $ 3,499.99
65-inch: $ 2,599.99
55-inch: $ 1,799.99

Neo QLED 4K QN85A Series
85-inch: $ 4,499.99
75-inch: $ 2,999.99
65-inch: $ 2,199.99
55-inch: $ 1,599.99

The rest of Samsung’s TVs below lack Mini LEDs and their picture upgrades, but still offer quantum dot HDR and local dimming.

Frame 2021 series
75-inch: $ 2,999.99
65-inch: $ 1,999.99
55-inch: $ 1,499.99
50-inch: $ 1,299.99
43-inch: $ 999.99

QLED 4K Q80A Series
85-inch: $ 3,699.99
75-inch: $ 2,599.99
65-inch: $ 1,699.99
55-inch: $ 1,299.99

QLED 4K Q70A Series
85-inch: $ 2,999.99
75-inch: $ 1,999.99
65-inch: $ 1,299.99
55-inch: $ 949.99

QLED 4K Q60A Series
85-inch: $ 2,599.99
75-inch: $ 1,499.99
70-inch: $ 1,299.99
65-inch: $ 999.99
60-inch: $ 899.99
55-inch: $ 749.99
50-inch: $ 649.99
43-inch: $ 549.99

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