Samsung adds fitness feature from Galaxy Watch 3 to Galaxy Watch Active 2 – but still not EKG

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was released last year, yet Samsung’s promised heart-tracking EKG feature is still not available in the US to help it compete with the Apple Watch. Instead, Samsung has released a new update to the recently released Galaxy Watch 3 for the first time adding features to be included in the less expensive Active 2 – including the long-rumored fall detection feature Also included which can help you travel and get seriously injured.

The Galaxy Watch 3 was released last month with an expensive price of $ 399 compared to the $ 250 of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, it added some fitness features that were hit or miss, as my colleague Dan Seifert in his review Told (this is a recurring problem with Samsung wear). Now, you are getting some matrices like “asymmetry,” “vertical oscillation”, and “contact time”, which help in analyzing your running form and measurement of your maximum oxygen. They are not the EKGs you have been waiting for, but adding these features to older and cheaper models from Samsung is a good entry point for those wanting to test out some of the Galaxy Watch 3’s new fitness smarts.

Fall detection is a key feature that Apple Watch has taken since 2018; This is a practical feature for users wearing the watch because if you fall and seriously injure yourself, say that if you bend your ankle and can’t get up, the watch can detect a fall And ask if you need to reach any of your emergency contacts.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 is the successor to the original Galaxy Watch (yes, the Galaxy Watch 2 did not), adding a thinner, lighter design from its predecessor, an OLED display with a rotating bezel. With the new fitness smart already mentioned, the watch will soon allow you to monitor your blood oxygen levels. Even with the remaining special features, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 already seemed like a better deal as a donation review, and now has some additional new fitness smarts available.

Regardless of what wearable you buy, both are still Missing EKG. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is technically available in Korea, but it is still unclear whether American users will ever gain access. Last month, the FDA confirmed that the Galaxy Watch 3 had been approved for EKG, but Samsung has not yet announced when it will be available.

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