Podcasts have been the “next big thing” in content for a while now, with all tech, media and venture capital companies looking to get involved. Given the number of apps that Samsung includes pre-installed on their phones, it has always been surprising that a podcast app was not among them. With a new update to its free entertainment-focused app (formerly Samsung Daily), the company’s flagship devices will now support podcasts natively out of the box.

The update is coming to all Galaxy S21, S20, S10, Note 20 and Note 10 devices. To find this new library, scroll to the left of its home page to open Free and select the new “Listen” tab. At launch, the program selection focuses on news, culture, real crime, comedy and sports podcasts from major broadcasters such as NPR and iHeartMedia. You will need to make sure you are signed in to a Samsung account before you can start listening.

It is unclear who exactly was asking for this. From Spotify to Google Podcasts, not to mention the myriad dedicated apps on the Play Store, there is no shortage of ways to listen to your favorite shows. Still, if you’re the podcast type of person who goes in and out of podcasts, having a built-in player on your home screen might come in handy. You’ll just have to settle for what Samsung adds to your library over time.