“Same Hell, Different Devils” – The Rock Reacts to Roman Reigns District Jays Uso

The WWE Universe will never forget the match between Roman Rance and Jey Uso in the WWE Universe’s WWE Clash of Champions 2020. Both superstars were together in Family Legacy and the match made its way into WWE history.

There was a lot of reactions on social media after the match. Family, friends and fans congratulated the cousins ​​for the show they put on. However, there was one response everyone was eagerly waiting for – what did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson feel about the match?

Finally, we have an answer. According to The Rock, ‘Big Dog’ and its younger cousins ​​are on two different levels. In fact, this is a message Universal Champion wanted to convey to the audience as well.

Nevertheless, the former superstar did not support either of them and congratulated them both for their great performance.

Roman Rance has completed his heel turn

The match, which was popularly promoted as a family affair, was a witness to the true heel Roman Raj. Towards the end of it, Riggs cared less about the title and more about the acknowledgment. Everyone wanted their cousins ​​to accept that the regime was, in fact, a ‘tribal chief minister’.

Despite the beatings with him, Jay Uso gave a commendable performance. He stood strong, getting back up on his feet, and most importantly, he did not leave. It is quite likely that Uso would have suffered a lot, Jimmy Uso did not interfere.

While interference may have divided fans from a neutral point of view, it was a twin protecting his other half from the cousin-demon-heel.

On the other hand, the fact that Roman rule did not spare Jay Usso cannot be against him. What the WWE Universal Champion aka ‘Tribal Chief’ was doing to show the world that no one had a chance against him. If they try to take their seats as champions or heads of the family table, no one will get an idea.

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