Sam Darnold ‘Pee’ with Jets in Down Spiral: Adam Gasey

Against the Bills, it came less than 14 minutes into the first half. Against the 49ers, it happened on the first play of the game. Against the Colts, it unfolded with the ball in their hands – until it was.

It doesn’t always look the same, but through three games this season the Jets are buried by the Avalanche on their way to an 0-3 start each time, outscoring them by 57 points. This put Adam Gesse in the square with Sam Darnold at the crossroads on the hot seat and equally at default as they clashed against the Broncos at MetLife Stadium on Thursday.

“There are moments in those games, where we feel we just have to get up on the hump, stop where we are, we’re in the one-score game and something happens that lets us get an avalanche on it . ” Coach Adam Gasey said on Tuesday. “This is the point of the game, which we stopped and then really found a way to use momentum to our advantage. We haven’t done that yet.

“Keep loose, pretend, have fun. … I just want our people to be present and just go after one win. ”

Adam Gesse (L) and Sam Darnold
Adam Gesse (L) and Sam DarnoldAP

There cannot be another jet that has had to navigate the line between trying to do too much and playing more loosely than Darnold. The brilliance of the third-year quarterback’s talents was like a scuffle on Sunday, before a 16-yard touchdown pass to tie the game in the first quarter, due to his inability to take care of football. He threw three interceptions, and the only one who had not returned for a touchdown started the latest avalanche. To make it through the second quarter instead of the Jets in the middle of a one-possession game, Darnold was intercepted in the end zone, the last time the Jets also marked the previous midfield.

But Gesse said he does not want to make Darnold a “robot” by limiting his aggression.

“At the age of 23, it’s sometimes a hard lesson to learn, how far you can take it here and when you’re here to be smart,” he said.

The short week means no practice for the Jets, just walking on Mondays and Tuesdays. But Darnold has defeated, not defeated, the facility set according to Gess.

“He doesn’t like to lose, it eats at him,” Gesse said. “I love the fact that it inspires him to keep coming to the building and is trying to find ways to improve. I can see it on his face after the last game, he was angered. He was not only mad at the score, but just how it went down. Things that he knows he can do better and things that may be out of his control that we want to move on from now on and we can’t hang on to it. This is what I love about him. I love the fact that she is just a contestant and she wants to go there and do everything she can. ”

Meanwhile, the Jets are trying to support their quarterback. He will come into physical form on Thursday, when his favorite target, Jameson Crowder, is expected to return from a hamstring injury. But this week it will take more than just one player to stop the avalanche.

“[Darnold] Backup quarterback Joe Flacco said that is doing a terrible job of keeping a head on himself. “You’ll just keep playing. You play it from the game and don’t try to look at the big picture, but just pay attention to the small, small details. It’s definitely a tough job. That’s our team, that’s it Is coming with everyone and realizing those things and helping each other. ”


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