Saints Row 5 details reportedly leaked, will be a continuation of SR3

An anonymous 4Chan leaker has shared information about the upcoming Line of monks The game, probably titled Sant Roe Wee. We generally disregard 4C leaks without a second thought, but some of them became accurate earlier this year, and some of the details of this “leak” are consistent with previously released official information. However, take all this with a customary grain of salt.

According to the poster, Sant Roe WeeThe story will be a continuation Saints third row, Together Saints Row IV And Gut out of hell Universe refers to events that occur within a television show. You will play as a new saint and your enemies will be old monks, who have now formed their evil empire. Other adversaries include various gangs, such as a motorcycle gang called Wolf Pack, which you can team up to bring down the old Saints.

Sant Roe Wee Reportedly set in a modern and expanded version of Stillwater. There will be no super power, and the game’s tone will be somewhat of a fusion of the first three installments.

As far as gameplay is concerned, character customization is reportedly somewhat similar. Saint line 2Is arranged. Additionally, each body part can be customized and players can dress in many ways. Sant Roe WeeWeapon adaptation systems are said to have more options than before.

According to the leaker, Sant Roe Wee Currently in an early playing position and Volant has already invited some YouTubers and people Line of monks Community to see the title. However, it would not be until late 2021 or early 2022, which Koch Media indicated in a previous earnings call.

[Source: ResetEra]

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