Saints RB Alvin Kamara agrees to five-year, $ 75M extension

Some teams still want to pay the running backs.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the New Orleans Saints and Alvin Kamara settled on a five-year contract for $ 75 million in new money, according to a source to the pact. Kamara will receive a bonus of $ 77.13 million and $ 15 million in total.

Both sides had been in heavy discussions for the past few weeks, with reports flying about both sides in the media. An injury involved business discussion and reports of Kamara missing practices. All the time, the weather loom.

Before he set foot on a field for 2020, Kamra secured his bag in cash.

Kamara was in the final year of her salary with a base salary of $ 2.133 million. The former third-round pick is now tied with New Orleans through the 2025 season.

While many teams are reluctant to pay a large-scale salary, the Saints consider Kamra more than just an RB. He is a matchup nightmare who excels in Sean Peyton’s scheme. The 25-year-old can hit the middle hole of a tackle and go wide and catch the next pass. He owns the pace to run through linebackers and dust off defensive backs.

If you want to see one of the most prominent games left behind last year, flip over the St.-Seahawks game of Week 3 in Seattle. Kamra fielded Teddy Bridgewater through a series of wins on the road, miraculously diving through defense, dart through defense, tackle turf-arling and control the game with every juke.

Unfortunately, a knee injury returned him to 14 matches in 2019 and Kamra admitted that he “played a lot on one leg” in 2019. He averaged 4.7 yards per carry with five yards rushing on 171 tackles (797 yards) and added 81 catches for 533 yards and another TD last season.

The biggest question with Kamara’s new deal – as with all running backs – is the health factor. The situation grinds men down like no other. We’ve seen the likes of David Johnson with Todd Gurley and Arizona with Los Angeles, regretting the big RB deals not long after they signed. Saints are crossing their fingers and bet that Kamra will not have the same trouble.

If Kamara stays healthy, he is one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NFL and can take Pigskin to pay on any touch. If he makes it to the final year of the new expansion, he will be 30 years old. If he is mostly healthy at that level and is still pleasing the linebackers with his shoes, New Orleans will find it well worth the price.

At the very least, the Saints will have a happy Kamara to enter the 2020 season as New Orleans tries to get that second Super Bowl before Drew Breeze retires.