Saints Alvin Kamara is in the absence in the midst of Saints talks

The New Orleans Saints got the ball rolling on a contract extension with Alvin Kamara about two weeks ago, but Kamra is doing it to move things towards the finish line. ESPN’s Adam Shere On Monday it was reported that Kamara missed the practice of a three-day training camp, which is believed to be related to ongoing contract negotiations with the Saints.

Progress on Kamara contract extension supported Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.Football, Who reported that talks have progressed since last week. Kamara missed two practice sessions with a stomach virus before taking an unscheduled absence last week, which Saints coach Sean Peyton declined to comment after Monday’s practice.

Entering the final year of his fraudulent contract, Kamra offered his stance on a possible extension on 10 August, saying: “I and my agent briefly talked about it and I said, ‘I got the contract.’ I do not tell anything unless it is. As if something is happening, if it is or something that I should know, ‘besides, like if I were an agent myself, I would get a contract. I would have everything to tell you guys about, but I don’t. I don’t talk about contracts, I don’t talk to coaches about contracts. I’m just here to do my job. ”

Making a new deal is a difficult process for Kamra and the Saints. He has played as skillfully as Christian McCruff and the other top-paid backing in the game, but Kamra has not been able to match him in sheer volume. He was also fond of a knee injury in 2019, raising concerns about his long-term durability. But there is no doubt that he is as talented as any other runner you will find around the league.

This is a rapidly evolving situation, and such a quasi-catch by Kamara can speed things up; Tactics worked for Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram, who received a guaranteed salary of $ 14 million after sitting out for several days of work. Keep an eye on updates in the coming days.


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