Saint Star RB Alvin Kamara – ‘Never in my life’

METAIRIE, La. – Alvin Kamara asked most questions about negotiating his contract with the New Orleans Saints on Monday, insisting that his focus is on Sunday’s season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But Kamra countered the narrative that was recently dropping out of ascetic practices during a four-day stretch when sources said her absence was unclear.

Speaking to the media for the first time after his absence, Kamra said, “I have never been out in my life.” “I came into the building every day. That’s all I have to say.”

A source told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that Kamra was seeking treatment for a back issue during those absences. But Kamra rehearsed fully last week and said on Monday that he was not worried about the issue.

“It’s something lighter,” Kamra said. “I dealt with it a little bit last camp too. Just a little flare up, just a little bit [sacroiliac] Joint flare. All it needed was a little rest, a little injection, but nothing serious. ”

Kamra is going into the final year of his rogue contract, but so far he and the Saints have been unable to bridge the gap regarding a long-term extension.

A source confirmed that New Orleans was also open to the idea of ​​trading Kamara for the first-round pick in light of his absence from practice. But the source indicated that things calmed down before Kamara returned last Wednesday.

Kamra refused to answer, however, on Monday when asked if he was confident that a contract would be in place and whether he plans to play every game if it did not.

“We are getting ready for the week. 1. Today was a good day [of practice], “Kamara repeated more than once.” We focused on Tampa, setting up the first part of the game plan, just rinking some of them. … just ready for Sunday. ”

Saints coach Sean Peyton was also asked on Monday if he was worried about Kamara being affected if he doesn’t have a new deal.

“Number 1, we’ll never discuss any kind of contract progress with the media,” Peyton said. “I am confident that at some point we will complete it, and we will tell you when it will happen.”

Determining how hard Kamara’s value lies can ultimately prove to be difficult, as recent extensions for the NFL running on the backfoot of the NFL include Christian McCaffrey’s $ 16 million per year and Joe Mixon’s $ 12 million per year. There is a wide gap.

However, this is not the case in which the Saints are eager to part ways with their three-time Pro Bowler, who was named the NFL’s offensive rookie in 2017 after being drafted in the third round out of Tennessee. The Saints have made an offer that at least they show that they are willing to make a long-term commitment to the room, despite their pay-limit limitations, as he brings in both a runner and a receiver.

The 25-year-old, Kamara has a total of 2,408 rushing yards, 2,068 receiving yards and 38 touchdowns in three seasons. He has taken 81 catches in the last three matches despite missing two matches last year and a knee injury and ankle injury.