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SAG Awards: Kristen Bell to be the first host

The Screen Actors Guild Awards may or may not give us a clue as to how the Oscar winds blow, but they will definitely give us a host for the first time. The star of Good Place Kristen Bell will leave Good Place, er, Bad Place, to celebrate the night of celebration that awards prizes for achievements in film and television, chosen only by the people in front of the camera. EW called Bell to find out about his plans for the big night, which begins on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET / PT in TNT and TBS.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT: You are doing a bit of history here as the first host of the SAG Awards. To open the program, will you approach the camera from several tables as different people and with different costumes?
KRISTEN BELL: God, I hope so. I was not going to do it before you mentioned it, but now I'm going to borrow your idea. We are still working on how to present the show because there is no road map. We know what people enjoy in other shows, but each audience is different. I think we are going to run many opportunities. Although I will say that the most exciting part for me is that, being the first host, you do not even have to say "the first presenter". Only "the first host", which is something that does not happen every day.

What did you think about the decision to host a host this year?
I thought it was a great idea. When the shows are narrated, it tends to be interesting and fun, and leads to more jokes and a more informal atmosphere. I really can not understand why they asked me, but I am delighted that they have done so, and I hope the night will be lively, fun and interesting. We are in a room full of people that I admire, and I am a friend of many, but I really believe that it is the only program that does not have a host. So I respect your initiative to change the format and try something new.

What were your first thoughts when they asked you to introduce yourself?
Pure terror was where it started, which is easier than I would like to admit. He made his way in adulation. In truth, it was a pretty easy yes. I do many things that make me nervous. Those things always end up being very funny and risky, but what is the point if there are no risks and you do not take creative opportunities? I thought it would be fun. I like to talk, and I do a lot – a lot. I have received the CMT awards three times, and I really loved that; I organized the Independent Spirit Awards. I'm very comfortable with the teleprompter, and I'm a pretty decent party firefighter, which I think are the only two ratings.

Sorry, did you say "firefighting party"?
Party pumper, yes!

You say you have not calculated exactly what you are going to do, but how will you approach the night in terms of a hosting strategy?
I'd like to be a bit unpredictable, not to the point that it would make anyone feel uncomfortable, but I tend to gravitate toward more outlandish things, and I hope to include some of my personality in the program. I also feel a great reverence for the organization to be what it is, and for the fact that they have an established program and I do not want to go in and completely change everything they have done. It is becoming collaboration. They want to run many opportunities and make many changes, but I also want to respect what the program is and what the organization is. But I hope to keep it very fun and lively. There will be many women this year. A lot of women. Out of respect for the changes that are taking place in the business and the talking points that are currently happening, we want it to be something that honors women, and I do not want to take anything too seriously. Many issues, people have asked me if I'm going to address. I do not think it's really my place to address a lot of negativity, but we want the night to be very encouraging and celebrate many women and celebrate many women who may not have had as much attention as they did. I should have had it in recent years.

You mean sexual harassment and #MeToo. Does that mean you probably will not go to politics either?
Probably not. The issue of sexual harassment deserves a lot of attention and respect, and I do not necessarily know that this is the place to address very serious issues. But it is the place to celebrate people who deserve to be celebrated. And recognized. And with power. The boys are definitely invited, but it will be a women's night.

Which category intrigues you the most? Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are all nominated for Big Little Lies
It's so funny to me that it's a kind of competition. First of all, to be acting in movies and television is such an incredible achievement, and then to be in something that everyone looks at is another incredible achievement, and then to be recognized for it, but finally to win, it is as if there was much joy on the way I would have a hard time thinking that any of those women would be upset if they did not win and instead celebrate their opponents. But for me, I keep a very attentive eye on everything Game of Thrones . I will leave the teleprompter to try to make eye contact and make plans after the show with some of the characters.

You have an incredible group of talents at your disposal. Any clue as to who could participate in the bits?
I hope that people want to participate, but we are not going to put anyone in the place. I'm not the kind of comedian, even if you can call me [that] to separate people, so hopefully everyone will know that. Whoever is going to participate will be celebrated.

Could Mr. Danson make an appearance on stage?
He's going to clean my dressing room for most of the show. He still does not know. I have many written assignments that I want to take care of during the show. On stage, we'll see.

Is there someone else for whom you will be stealing?
If there was a fire, which table would go first to rescue people? Game of thrones . It is a fact. Apart from that, I'm happy for whoever wins.

The SAG Awards are broadcast on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET / PT in TNT and TBS. Be sure to check out PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly and TNT & # 39; s SAG Awards® Red Carpet Live here, starting at 5:30 p.m. ET / 2: 30 PT from Los Angeles.

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